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  1. Inlander

    VA closes Brisbane Tiger base
  2. Inlander

    Singapore and ANA Joint venture

    Here's some interesting news. Singapore air and ANA have just announced a joint venture. I couldn't think of two other networks in Asia Pacific that compliment each other so well. VA is friendly with both/!
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    A330 service PER-BNE

    Saturday 28/3/20 sees two A330 services .VA467 (0905- 1535) and VA469 ( 1250-1920). Perhaps this is to do with the launch of BNE- HND? Tickets going in J for 899 stock. Next week and weeks following leaves only VA469 as the A330 service with VA467 as 737. Has Changed as VA467 was the A330 on...
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    Just completed this return trip in "J". Aircraft utilised in order; Singapore air A350 (regional version), Korean Air 777-300, 747-800I, 747-800I, A330-300, Singapore A380-800, VA737-800. The Singapore Air service usual high standard and always a wonderful experience on the top deck of the...
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    Day stay over Singapore recommendation

    Hi all. Would like to get your advice on staying at Singapore Changai. I arrive at 0500 on Korean air and dont depart until 2000 that same day on Singapore air. I take it the transit hotels wouldnt be advantageous as i would have to collect my checked luggage?
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    Skyteam Alliance member choice

    Greetings all, Would be interested in your opinion/s of which Skyteam alliance team member airline has the most favourable frequent flyer scheme. I currently put it all into Delta- mistake maybe?
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    Tokyo Haneda slot - how will Virgin Operate it?

    Looks like VA has won a Brisbane - Haneda slot effective 29/3/20
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    MEL- PER This week

    Travelled in the business. Usual great service and catering. Recommend the corn Zucchini soup followed by Barramundi.
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    Just a Quick 3 day return BNE- CHC in Business Saver on VA125/124 - only one in Business on 124. Worth 160 SC.
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    No more Business class snack freebies