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    SQ refurbishing KrisFlyer Gold lounge in SIN

    Is there a separate area for SQ vs. Marhaba customers? Or literally multiple entrances feeding into the same one area. I read a quote from SQ pre-switch-over saying there would be a dedicated area, but not sure if that's actually eventuated. Sounds like it'll be crowded, but could work in my...
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    MH award availability with QFF

    Hi, Apologies if this belongs in a different forum. Mods, feel free to shift if so. Question for the brains trust is how many J awards does MH release to QFF for their intra-Asia flights? I'm looking to travel TPE>HKG>KUL in a couple of months (mid Sept) and am interested in trying MH J-class...
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    Virgin Lounge Food

    Rather tasty pork (char siu style) ramen, with optional egg, in OOL for lunch today. Was rather impressed with the OOL lounge today actually. Couple of delayed flights so it was pretty busy, but they had three staff clearing tables, one on coffee and one serving ramen. Plus a little platter of...
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    What "lessons" will VA learn from today's changes to QF's FF program?

    Having held SG for 6 years, I’m very much in the ‘for’ camp not only for lifetime status, but for backdating. However, while I support a lot of what VA do, the idea does slightly concern me. If the innacuracies in their annual end-of-year “you’ve flown X miles, putting you in the top X% of...
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    Virgin Lounge Food

    In MEL lounge this morning. Left at noon and no sign of hot lunch unfortunately. Only soup on offer, although admittedly a much nicer setup/presentation than I’ve seen for a while. Two soup options (potato+leek and miso chicken and vegetable) with mini rolls in a multi-tiered bread basket.
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    Something big is coming! (1st May)

    Interestingly, just noticed on the Flybuys page the same 15% bonus, but with a different promotional period; 1st June 2019 to 9th June 2019.
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    New Baggage crackdown starts this week at VA

    Didn’t notice any announcements, additional signage or at-gate weighing happening in either MEL or ADL today. Did notice that in ADL there were scales at the gate, not sure if they were there previously, but didn’t see them being used
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    Virgin Lounge Food

    Poached eggs and bacon in MEL this morning. Zucchini and lemon risotto with Parmesan and chilli flakes on the side in ADL this evening. Risotto had more corn and carrot than zucchini and was all cleared up and packed away by 6:30pm
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    View Velocity lounge passes when Virgin Gold?

    Absolutely possible, have done it myself to bring in a second guest. To check how many passes you have available, log into Velocity. In the top-right is a little icon of a person. Click it and select “My Velocity” to get to your dashboard. If you scroll down there should be a sub-heading of “my...
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    Trans-Tasman and International Short Haul update - from 28th October 2018

    International Short-Haul, Brisbane to Port Vila in EconomyX. Meal service was speedy, although complete confusion from all three cabin crew in Y as to what they were actually serving. One announced from the rear-galley that the choices were Moroccan Lamb with polenta, cold chicken salad, or...
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Port Vila to Brisbane. Pre-departure beverages offered. And top-up with warm nuts served as soon as we were airborne. Unfortunately, delayed flight meant many onboard were going to miss their onward connections that night, so J-service was sacrificed as soon as the meals were delivered as the...
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    Virgin Lounge at Brisbane International

    Bit late, but partner (red) and I (gold) passed through mid-December (the 15th) on the way to Port Vila from Melb. Agents in Melb had no idea what the arrangement was, so said to go to the check-in counters in BNE and ask. Without hesitation the agent in BNE directed us to the Plaza lounge. It...
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    Virgin Lounge at Brisbane International

    Has anyone heard any update on the progress of the Bris 'My Lounge'? Or passed through recently and noted any construction activity? VA's online guide is now showing: "The Brisbane ‘My Lounge’ will be opening in the next few months.", whereas previously if I remember correctly it was "in the...
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    New international lounge arrrangements from 28 Oct 2018

    Thanks for sharing the trade document. Slightly unfortunate typo (including an obvious copy and paste) on page 4. According to it, both the Strata and Manaia Lounges will be offering "self-service dining including hot and old items" :p
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    Virgin Australia posts underlying profit of $109M ($653M "loss" after writeoffs)

    Found this article an interesting point I hadn’t considered when reading the other coverage today: Virgin board clears the decks for John Borghetti's successor
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    VA422 - SYD/ADL Sunday 29-July Lunch service. 7 of 8 in the cabin. Offered "water, sparkling water, orange juice........oh and I almost forgot, we also have champagne" pre-departure, but only once all of economy had boarded. Luckily we sat on the tarmac for a while so we weren't rushed drinking...
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    SYD check-in facilities upgrade

    Just received the attached from VA (despite my 'upcoming flight from Sydney' having been yesterday!). Seems they're finally installing the new check-in system from Perth. Or has this been ongoing for a while and I just didn't notice anything when I passed through yesterday? On a side note, I've...
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    VA319 MEL to BNE. 9am departure. The same corn fritters, bacon and halloumi as others have had, just different presentation. Option was this or a muesli and fruit combo. While the dish was good (loved the slight heat to the chilli jam that was smeared on top of the fritters), I've got to say the...
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    Hong Kong Airways Velocity Issues

    Partner and I recently flew HK to Japan return on Hong Kong Airlines economy earlier this month. Both were credited points and status credits within days of the flight. They actually credited faster than a VA Syd to Mel flight I took a week later. I think it's absolutely worth pushing back as...
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    VA to HKG from Jul 5 2017, ex MEL

    Anybody heard any rumours as to when the next 'phase' of the partnership will kick in and lounge acces and other status benefits with Hong Kong Airlines will be offered for flights on their network? Seems they've been saying "soon" for an eternity now. Selfishly asking because I have several...