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    David Jones Amex Card

    Re: New DAvid Jones AMEX card It's still probably better to use a Wizard card for overseas purchases? I was really looking forward to this card, hoping for a good value prop, but I am quite disappointed. I'll stick to Amex Plat Credit Card + Citi Visa (where Amex not accepted or...
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    Promotional Amex Call???

    THey charge you a % of your monthly balance... no minimum $ or min contract. You can cancel in a month's time. I think it was 0.08% (can;t really recall the exact %) of your balance or something like that.
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    Promotional Amex Call???

    Got a call - free 1000 QF points for signing up to the credit protection insurance cover.
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    Ten Years of Platinum - a nice surprise!

    I beg to differ. THe difference is slightly smaller, as the AU Plat charge card comes with the Plat Credit Card which comes with a free flight. So, Unless the British card comees with a free flight (I'm not sure), then the diffference is about $30 (If you value the free flight at $250)... eg...
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    best credit card combination?

    With Amex Plat, you can convert your points to various things, incl. Qantas. e.g. they currently have a promo with Virgin Blue where you get bonus points. If you had the QF Ultimate card, your points can only go to QF, and you might not be eligible for some of the other promos.
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    Jetstar sale fares to Osaka

    I havent flown JQ before. Am making my maiden JQ flight to KUL in September. I think my friend was annoyed that his flight to Vietnam was delayed, and he said the flight attendants were not very responsive - e.g. he asked for some snack or drink and it took forever to arrive - despite the fact...
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    Jetstar sale fares to Osaka

    By the way, a friend of mine just flew Jetstar to KIX, and said it was a JL codeshare. So, if you bought a business class ticket on JL, you might end up with a star class seat. However, yet another friend who flew Starclass to Vietnam told me that he'd rather fly economy on a full-service...
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    Air NZ Grab a seat from OZ

    Do we get the same fare for the return journey? e/g/ if they had a Syd-Christchurch fare for $129, would the Christchurch-Sydney fare be the same (or would it be a normal non grabaseat discount fare)?
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    Jetstar sale fares to Osaka

    $598 return from SYD to Osaka. Check it out.
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    Qantas, Loyalty and Tiger Airways

    The excuse that Ausstralia has low populatioin density, and thus we have to pay more is so passe. One only needs to look at the profits that QF generates vs most other airlines overseas to know that they can charge less and still make a decent buck (and pay Geoff heaps too). I would...
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    Platinum Fee

    This is in the Ctit rewards section, so I presume he's referring to the Citibank Plat card. :)
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    BA World Traveller Plus

    thanks, dave
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    BA World Traveller Plus

    This is semi out of topic (i.e. should perhaps be in the UA forum), but is the UA Economy Plus comparable to BA's WT+, or significantly worse?
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    Best RTW fare for route via NYC

    Oops... my bad. I think my msg wasn't very clear. I meant only 1 stop in Asia and 1 in Europe. LHR/CDG is London or Paris. I am happy to just go SYD - BKK or HKG or Tokyo Narita - LHR or CDG - JFK or EWR - LAX or SFO - SYD. So, only 4 stops: BKK or HKG LHR or CDG any NYC airport LAX or SFO
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    Best RTW fare for route via NYC

    I plan to fly SYD - BKK/SIN/HKG/Tokyo Narita/Beijing/Shanghai - LHR/CDG - JFK/EWR - LAX/SFO - SYD. Does anyone know the best Round The World fare for that? I really just need to go to New York, but most of the cheaper fare fly to LAX, and then to Europe from there. I'm fairly flexible with...
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    They told me that I will get a decision in the mail in 3-5 days' time. Does that mean I got rejected, as some people in this thread got emails if they were successful? Or did any one who got approved not get an email, but just got the approval in the mail?
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    [Offer Closed]: Citibank Gold NO ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE

    Hmm... I think the fine print has an asterisk, and the asterisk belongs to St.George Power Plus. Have a look again. ;)
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    UA MP changes

    Just got an email from UA stating: Amount of miles required to redeem for certain awards to change.Effective 16 October 2006, the number of miles required to redeem for select Standard and Saver Awards will change. As an example, the Australia/New Zealand to North America United Economy Saver...
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    Citibank find a NEW way to rip off their customers

    In order to save on bank fees, the amount i withdraw would depend on the fee table - if a flat fee (eg $4), I would withdraw as much as I need for a week or 10 days. If a % charge, I'd make smaller withdrawals (assuming the ATMs are quite easily accesible). The other factor would be the...
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    Velocity NAB 15,000 point offer!

    I didn't apply for the extra AMEX either.