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    Bye bye eBay

    Another loss to Flybuys: We are writing to let you know about upcoming changes that will affect the way you use flybuys on eBay. Our partnership with flybuys will come to an end on Wed, 6 May 2020. From then, you will no longer be able to collect flybuys points on your eBay purchases or redeem...
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    Splitting Accounts

    Hi all, Mrs Tommo and I have linked flybuys accounts, she's the primary account holder and I have a velocity account under my name linked to my flybuys account. We've been getting further into points earning and receive offers requiring high spends, the obvious move here is to each have...
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    Does this 100k promotion exist?

    Hi all, After a decade on an average rewards card I've finally made restructuring my cards and points earning a priority. I've moved to the Virgin High Flyer card for general transactions (1 velocity/$) but am also aware of the long exclusions list, over time I'll figure out what daily...