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  1. FrankC

    "oneworld" award (132.4K/249.6K/318K/455K) Planning - The Definitive Thread 14.5.3 A one way oneworld Classic Flight Reward Itinerary will be charged as a return Itinerary. oneworld Classic Flight Reward Itineraries finishing in a port other than the port of...
  2. FrankC

    $10 off bill [Sniip_bill paying platform]

    Here is my code My referral link: Code: P7y6 Cheers
  3. FrankC

    How long did Qantas take to process your refund for cancelled flights?

    What is the expiry date for the voucher? Is it the original voucher expiry date? Cheers
  4. FrankC

    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Hi Is this credit the same flight credit you receive if you book direct with Qantas - meaning with this credit, you will do future rebook directly with Qantas, and don't have to go thru Amex? Cheers
  5. FrankC

    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Anyone has experience with booking that was paid for with a gift voucher + cash? (It was a gift voucher with 3 years expiry, not a travel voucher) I don't know if I can get a cash refund, but at the same time, I don't want a travel voucher that comes with much restriction, including the...
  6. FrankC

    Qantas Revenue booking cancellations (under covid19)

    Hi Just wondering when the booking was originally made? Was it Feb2020? Cheers
  7. FrankC

    Qantas Business Class customers bumped to economy in Tokyo

    I wonder, since Qantas calculate the refund by using the difference between the discounted J price and the full Y price, that means the customer is paying full Y price for the Y seat. At full Y price, the ticket should come with very flexible condtions, like allowing a full refund? Can the...
  8. FrankC

    Westpac dumps AMEX - changes points earn on MC

    Anyone has a screenshot of the Westpac Amex Platinum card with the bonus points? I applied for the Platinum one and the welcome letter with the card has no mentioned of the bonus points I called Amex, they said they can't see any bonus points on my (new) account, and call Westpac as it is a...
  9. FrankC

    Free Two LHR immigration fast track cards

    Thanks for the reply I might give this a missed for the time being BTW, do they have expiry date on it? Cheers
  10. FrankC

    Free Two LHR immigration fast track cards

    Hi Is this for terminal 3 only? Cheers
  11. FrankC

    Free 1 time use $30 off QANTAS hotel booking

    Got 3x $30 vouchers, expiring in 3 days Joy for booking flights separately :) PM me with how many you want As usual, please ask only if you are definitely going to use it All gone
  12. FrankC

    Free 1 time use $25 off JETSTAR hotel booking

    Thanks, might need some from Feb onwards ;)
  13. FrankC

    New Amex statement credits

    Do you use Opal?
  14. FrankC

    Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options

    re: Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options I assume you mean status credits? Sharing where you are located might help
  15. FrankC

    Citi cards - major changes

    The problem would be those in the middle, like Bing Lee - they are big in NSW, but certainly not national, so it is not a major national retailer? Or Ikea, they are in most states, but are they major?
  16. FrankC

    Citi cards - major changes

    I can see that points transfer to SQ has increased, but I can't see any mention on points transfer to VA. Is it changed?
  17. FrankC

    Woolworths gift card thread

    Sadly no. Some more characters
  18. FrankC

    AMEX not accepted or surcharge

    Think PayPal AU starts accepting Amex back in 2013 Paypal Australia now accepting AMEX - Point Hacks
  19. FrankC

    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    Which is your local?