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    circle pacific

    hey everyone Was wondering if people could offer some advice to me. At the end of the year during the ski season I’m hoping to travel: Syd-yvr-tokyo-seoul-bkk-syd I was originally planning to go Seoul after Canada but I think that will mean I change direction going to Japan which...
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    Qantas J vs Jet* * class

    Could someone please explain to me why the cost in Frequent flyer points is the same for a Qantas J class seat and a Jetstar Star class seat even though the difference in the cash price is more then double or triple the amount more for J class. Seems a little absurd to receive such a low FF to...
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    qffp usage

    Hey i would be interested to receive some advice regarding the use of qantas frequent flyer points being redeemed on international flights or upgrades. I am an SG with about 385k points. I would like to take myself and my mother to japan at the end of the year. Now, the kicker is that i...