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    Free Free to good home - 2 x Qantas Lounge pass Expires 16th Aug

    Hi all, I have 2 spare Electronic Qantas lounge passes expires 16th of August - If anyone can use please PM me your surname and QFF number and I'll send it across.
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    QFF Gold - EK lounge access on EK Y ticket?

    Can a QFF Gold member having booked an EK Y ticket (direct on the Emirates website) access the EK Dubai business lounges?
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    Free Free to good home - 1 x Qantas Lounge pass Expires 7th June

    Hi all, I have 1 spare Qantas lounge pass expires 7th of June - If anyone can make sure of it please PM me your surname and QFF number and I'll send it across.
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    QFF EK Award Booking ex-EU downgraded from F to J

    Hi All, I had a QFF EK Award Booking in F ex-EU through to Sydney via Dubai. The EU to Dubai flight was downgraded from F to J as EK swapped the 777-300 to the new 777-200 on this particular day meaning no F was available. I received an e-mail notification a few days before but left it as I...
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    Award Booking with friend/non relative

    Hi all, I have a bunch of Qantas FF points saved up and am planning a trip with a friend later this year. Being a non relative I know I'm not able to transfer QFF points to them however is it allowed to book a ticket on their behalf if I'm travelling with them? Thanks!
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    A few questions on A380 F from MEL

    Hi guys, I managed to find a cheap return anyseat award booking in F on the A380 to LHR in early November. I am based in Sydney and really wanted to try F on the A380 for this trip but I could only find flights from MEL. I've booked the flights as I'm happy to make the short trip to MEL to...
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    SYD->LHR in F Classic rewards - Seat selection QF vs BA

    Hi, I'm currently planning a F trip SYD->LHR using Qantas points classic rewards (I'm QFF Bronze) There is availability for the dates I want to travel on both Qantas and BA flights. The only other time I have booked a F reward was on a BA flight and I was able to select my seat months before...
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    Arriving at LHR - Transfer from T4 to T3 landside?

    Hi All! Well I managed to book myself a flight using my QF FF points to LHR :) However LHR is not my final destination, so I will be arriving at LHR T4 and then have booked a separate flight outside of the UK with SAS departing from T3. As these flights can't be linked I will have to collect...
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    Book QFF award flight - routing question

    Hi All, As some of you may remember I posted here with some questions about an award flight to London in Business or First class this June. After checking online and speaking to the QFF booking people there were no direct flights however they suggested a route (below) after thinking about it I...
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    Qantas Award Booking Question

    Hi! I am planning a trip to LHR this June and I was hoping to use the QFF Points I have been saving away! I am new here and have a few questions I thought you might know the answer to. I would like to fly Business or First however I know this is a busy time of year and availability is very...