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    New Search Tool

    It seems the new QF search tool has been rolled out on the mobile website. I was searching for some flights last night SYD - DPS for June next year - really just to check if additional seats had been added. If I searched for specific dates, it gives the selection to use points or use cash as...
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    Award Seat Release Time

    Hi Everyone - I realise this question is probably asked often but a simple search has not revealed my answer. I haven't tried to book any reward seats for at least 3 years (mostly due to kids). I now am planning a trip for Feb '18 (for two) and would like to fly F to LAX (days/dates relatively...
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    Flexi saver and no-show

    I was flying home to SYD from MEL yesterday and had a 6:30pm departure booked (flexi-saver). I didn't call to change, turned up at the airport around 7 and moved to the 7:30 flight. Just out of interest, I checked the fare rules and they state that you can only change before departure and not...
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    QF Domestic connection to JQ International - check through bags?

    I have a fight on Thursday SYD-MEL-ZQN. The MEL-ZQN leg is on Jetstar, and the SYD-MEL is on QF. Will QF check through my bags to ZQN if I check in at the service desk in Syd (I'm QF WP, my wife is QF SG). Thanks.
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    Domestic leg, international flight, change of name

    I am booked on a domestic leg of an international flight (QF 19) in a couple of months. Since booking, my wife has changed all her ID to my surname (we were only married in January) and so has no Govt ID in the name on the flight. This would not normally be an issue for domestic as ID is not...
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    Congratulations - your name will be on the side of a Qantas plane

    TBH I would have much preferred to win the 500,000 points .... CONGRATULATIONS Dear [ ], We've been overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to be involved in the celebration of our new spirit. Over 60,000 Australians participated in our campaign, helping us to raise $100,000 for Mission...
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    How do you actually book a OW round the world fare in F ?

    An award that is (sorry). I know these exist, but not sure how anyone can ever be successful booking one... I've recently booked a round the world in F on a sector basis. Went on-line as soon as the seats were released 12 months in advance for each day of my planned journey and managed to book 2...
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    [Any] Easy way to get 30,000 Aadvantage Miles

    Hi all, I'm doing an around the world in F next year (woohoo !) for my honeymoon. This was all booked on points, bar one domestic segment in the US - from JFK to LAS. We've booked this is economy and I undertstand that you need 15,000 points each to upgrade to F. I'm actually not an...
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    Booking K-Ups on AA - Won't Accept Australian Credit Card

    I'm just trying to book some K-Ups on I get all the way through the process, but then it doesn't give Australia as a country in the drop-down list when I enter my Amex number. Any ideas ?