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    USA air passes

    I want to travel to a few cities in the USA and want to know if anyone has used air passes and can tell me about them and which USA airlines have them. I don't have any special cities in mind and want to just go as I please by using a pass coupon. What's the best value passes and which airline...
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    FF points, fringe benefits and the ATO

    Are FF points subject to fringe benefits tax?
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    Redeem QF points on Alaska Airlines

    You can now use QF FF points to fly Alaska Airlines. LAX or SFO to Seattle is 30,500 points return.
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    Business credit cards

    I make very large business purchases and use a AMEX busines card but a lot of sellers don't take it. One bank has questioned using my personal visa card for business. Is there any bank that has a business visa or mastercard with FF points?
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    What card companies pay Airlines for FF points use?

    Does anyone know how much AMEX and the other card companies pay the airlines per point or however for FF use?
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    Best value FF program

    I can use my Altitude points on both Qantas and Air NZ. However Air NZ charges over 20% more then Qantas to go places. For example Qantas to USA return is 80K but Air NZ costs 100K. I can use my Amex points on just about every airline. Is there better value if I join another airlines FF...
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    Best Airport Lounge: Diners Club, Priority Pass, Qantas Club

    I obtain all my FF points by Amex and Altitude card use. I accumulate well over 200K FF points per year but will probably always remain a Qantas bronze status member although I fly heaps. I've just received a Diners Club card because of their free International airport lounges...
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    Overseas Tropical Getaway for 30K - 40K points

    I was ready to book Vanuatu for 30K points from BNE return but found no code share agreement in place. My question is where can I go overseas except NZ from BNE for 30K - 40K points?