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    Jetstar sale fares to Osaka

    $598 return from SYD to Osaka. Check it out.
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    Best RTW fare for route via NYC

    I plan to fly SYD - BKK/SIN/HKG/Tokyo Narita/Beijing/Shanghai - LHR/CDG - JFK/EWR - LAX/SFO - SYD. Does anyone know the best Round The World fare for that? I really just need to go to New York, but most of the cheaper fare fly to LAX, and then to Europe from there. I'm fairly flexible with...
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    UA MP changes

    Just got an email from UA stating: Amount of miles required to redeem for certain awards to change.Effective 16 October 2006, the number of miles required to redeem for select Standard and Saver Awards will change. As an example, the Australia/New Zealand to North America United Economy Saver...
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    How cough is QF? The power of none Heading off to Africa last week I fully intended to do some blogging in transit. Little did I know I'd be powerless in the air! My flight from Sydney to Johannesburg is a Qantas-South African...
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    Missing in Action - Lost Luggage A solitary bag revolves endlessly on the airport carousel while I wait for mine to eventually appear. What happens to luggage that gets lost and is never claimed? Sophisticated international tracking systems ensure...
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    MH to join Skyteam Does anyone have any info on SkyTeam RTW fares/tickets from Australia?
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    Hi. Can I find out if we are entitled to new editions of the ebook that are sold on this website? e.g. if there is a points overhaul and a new edition was created to compare the programmes based on the new points, do we get sent the new edition, if we bought the previous version? Thanks.
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    Hi all... I am pretty cheesed off that Paypal Australia does not accept Amex, but Paypal US and some other countries do. Does anyone else here use Paypal? Anyone here interested in sending a group petition to Amex Australia? Paypal is the defacto currency of many internet transactions and eBay...