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  1. n7of9

    Where to go after Marrakech

    I booked a Morocco tour before it was 'confirmed' then booked SQ flights to Barcelona and upgraded on points. The tour is now confirmed, and I need to figure out how and where to spend an extra 5 days after it ends in Marrakech. Suggestions? I'm leaning towards 2 days in Madrid, 3 in Barcelona.
  2. n7of9

    Multi-day small group tour operators

    I've been on probably 10 group tours over the years. I like that all I have to do is choose a region and I'm guaranteed to see great things over 7 to 15 days, without any hassles or stress. Years ago I was fine traveling cheapest Y and touring with Geckos or Intrepid, then I upgraded to...
  3. n7of9

    View expiring Velocity Status Credits

    I'm feeling really dopey right now - WHERE is the page that shows me which Status Credits are due to expire, or those that expired within the last month? I view the page a couple of times a year, now I can't find it [edit, changed points to Status Credits...i've been staring at the computer...
  4. n7of9

    F check-in reception & The "Private Room"

    I'm flying SQ F for the first time, so very excited! SQ221 SIN-SYD, is that Terminal 3? SQ website mentions a First Class Check-in Reception - is this at street level at Terminal 3? I'll be arriving by taxi, do I just tell the driver that I want to be dropped off at First Class...
  5. n7of9

    HA SYD-JFK disappeared

    I can no longer find this return itinerary on the HA website. The individual flights SYD-HNL-JFK still exist, but are far more expensive as separate flights. I also tried their price calculator and it returns zero options in any month At first I thought it was because I was using a VPN, so I...
  6. n7of9

    International points upgrade flights

    With SYD-AUH on VA now gone, and MEL-LAX existing, I've kind of lost track of where you can use points to upgrade a Y or Y+ seat to J using Velocity points. I know it can only be done to AUH or LAX, but I've lost track of from where Does anyone else find this Route Map site confusing: Virgin...
  7. n7of9

    Etihad Separate Ticket policy change

    Is this common knowledge? No more checked-through bags on separate pnr screenshot
  8. n7of9

    Virgin Group Bookings

    I need to book x15 SYD-NAN return flights for a work conference in May I've been keeping an eye out for sales (QF/FJ, JQ and VA) and saw a Fiji sale pop up today on VA. Unfortunately, there were only 2 tickets available at the sale price, so I contacted Virgin Group Bookings. They got back to...
  9. n7of9

    Joining 2 tickets to same itinerary

    I could book SYD-SIN-DXB return as a single itinerary online but I wanted mixed class so I purchased separate tickets I asked the call centre if they could join the tickets and they said no - does anyone know why that would be? I purchased J and Y+, then upgraded all legs on points I'm a bit...
  10. n7of9

    which would you choose?

    Hi guys, I usually fly J via upgrade on Velocity points. With SYD-AUH disappearing, I need to figure out new routes to get about I want to go to Egypt next year. I am thinking of flying SQ SYD-SIN, SQ SIN-DXB, then Etihad AUH-CAI 1. If SQ shows Saver Reward seats available, will the same be...
  11. n7of9

    Save The Date 29 Sept

    Did anyone receive a Save the Date email for noon on 29 Sept, Carriagworks, Sydney (sorry, can't post screenshot on mobile) Any guesses what it could be?
  12. n7of9

    flight booked departing on review date

    I am currently platinum. I generally don't fly enough for WP and am quite happy with SG, so knowing I wasn't going to fly much this membership year, I did a status run for WP in October 2015, knowing it would lapse to SG in Oct 2016 - which was my aim My review date is 13 Oct 2016, and I've...
  13. n7of9

    Credit Card points earn on non-AMEX cards

    With the upcoming reduced points earn on Virgin Money cards, the points per dollar earn rate for non-AMEX cards is either pathetic, or expensive From what I can gather the best options are: -NAB AMEX/Visa combo 0.5/$1 on Visa (I already have this and haven't so far used the Visa) -Global...
  14. n7of9

    LAS-LAX-SYD luggage [9 hour layover]

    Hi guys, I'm flying VX LAS-LAX then VA LAX-SYD My Virgin America flight was rescheduled which leaves me with a 9 hour LAX layover. What are the chances VX will check in my luggage from LAS to SYD? If they don't, has anyone used LAX Luggage - For your baggage storage lockers at...
  15. n7of9

    how to select skycouch

    a couple of months ago i flew NZ SYD-AKL-SYD, booked by my workplace...on one of the flights i had the Skycouch seat I now need to fly the same route again and am looking for a way to select the skycouch seat but the only options I have for seat selection are Standard/Preferred/ExitRow...can...
  16. n7of9

    redemption vs upgrade

    I'm new to KF, it's my first time looking at their points redemptions i viewed the Award Charts from this page i am a bit confused about what i am reading: SYD-SIN J reward = 55,000 (saver) points (+$270 taxes) SYD-SIN Y...
  17. n7of9

    No VA SYD-AUH Y+ flights Sept-Mar 2016

    VA is currently showing no (none, zero, zilch) SYD-AUH Y+ flights between Sept 2015 and Mar 2016 (i stopped clicking the < button when i got to Sept) Error, or is there something massive I missed?
  18. n7of9

    Delta wants NIT ID number

    I just booked a one-way flight GUA-LAX. I'm going on a tour which ends in Guatemala City Just before the final page it asked me for my ID number and there was only 1 option, NIT. It wouldn't let me continue without entering something, so I entered 000000 and it was accepted Am I going to get...
  19. n7of9

    spend Velocity points on Air NZ

    can you help please, i've totally confused myself as i started researching one thing and ended up on another :confused: i was looking at options of using my Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles and (after lots of calculations and route options) came across this page which lists J redemptions...
  20. n7of9

    which card for 1+ points on VA spend

    i have 2 Velocity branded cards (Virgin Money and NAB Velocity Platinum) and neither of them offer bonus points on Virgin spend (is that weird? i think that's weird) i know that the Amex Velocity range has 2 to 3 points/$ on VA spend, but are there any others, non-Amex? or is it a perq they...