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  1. vitagen

    London Friday 6th or Sat 7th July 2018

    Anyone keen for a catchup??
  2. vitagen

    Does anyone want to do that BA Run? (AU-Sin-Hnd-Bkk-Hnd-Sin-AU)

    hey! I got a work trip coming up that will net me 560 TP with BA. Still need the 4 sectors so contemplating doing the BA run to BKK to get me the rest of the TP and sectors to get BA gold. I need to be in Singapore from the 3rd-6th August so thinking of flying the legs prior to staying in...
  3. vitagen

    Bangkok 25th March - 2nd April 2016 Anyone?

    Hello mateys... I know alot of you guys and gals are Bangkok regulars. I'm going to be there over Easter and was wondering if anyone was around there that time too we can catch up for numerous drinks and/or dinners. We will be "Beach Whaling" at the Conrad, awesome rates at the moment over...
  4. vitagen

    Vitagen's Journey to Europe!

    First of all let's set expectations.... This isn't going to be close to Boomy's insane trip report... My journey to Istanbul first takes me on a flight to Singapore, Bangkok then Istanbul.. First flight is on the Scoot Dreamliner to Singapore, we were lucky to get upgraded by a scootbiz bid of...
  5. vitagen

    Hertz or car hire discount codes?

    Hi everyone anyone got any discount codes available?
  6. vitagen

    QF PER-SIN cancelled, rebooked on Jetstar? Is this acceptable?

    Has anyone got their cancelled per-sin flight changed to jq receive any compensation? Also has anyone had any luck on changing to MH/CX as per their commercial policy? Ideally would be great if they let us switch to SQ.
  7. vitagen

    Soft landing?

    Hey everyone, does iHG offer softlanding? I'm plat but didn't receive an offer for extension of my membership But my wife got an offer for her gold. If there is No softlanding I'll credit the next stay to her account to retain gold at least.
  8. vitagen

    Visiting Krug in Reims

    I know there are very well connected members of this forum... Could I ask for a big favor? I love Krug and unfortunately the tour of the winery is invites only and you have to be well connected. I would be really grateful if anyone who knows someone that could please hook me up for a visit on...
  9. vitagen

    Paying with my CC for family member, do they need to show CC

    Hi everyone, I've Just ticketed couple of award fares for my family members. I have used my miles and paid for the taxes. My family members asked if I need to be present or give them my CC, because they are scared of being denied boarding. The awards are now ticketed. I told them There is...
  10. vitagen

    LAGS from CHC-SYD-MEL (int terminal)

    Does anyone have experience on bringing in booze from CHC, arriving in SYD and connecting to a international domestic leg?
  11. vitagen

    What would you do?

    I got a dilemma, more so a first world problem. I love flying, more so in J. I got an upcoming AAward Bkk-Hkg-Per on CX i get to try their 747 and new 333 setup... Or I can go Bkk-Sin-Syd-Per and go for QF refurb 747. Or Bkk-Hkg-Syd-Per and get the QF 4 class 747 non refurb bird...
  12. vitagen

    EK 201 DXB-JFK 8.5 Hr Delay (4.5 hrs on tarmac)

    Had a good first EK experience from Sin-Dxb.... however my second leg seems to fall apart... Check in.... WTF? I checked in online, went to the bag drop, told its okay for US flight. After 40 minutes, got up to the counter and was told to check in person... 1 hr 20min later was rushed through...
  13. vitagen

    Buy JQ ticket just for lounge access?

    Im thinking of buying a jq ticket sin-kul when im flying sin-dxb just for lounge access, and telling them before i board i cant make it.... Anyone done this before? Sent from my GT-I9100 using AustFreqFly
  14. vitagen

    Remind me of why I fly Jetstar?

    Arrived 2.5 hrs before flight, took 30min to check in. Couldnt do web check in because of exit row.... I got seat 1c on the a320 so hope for a good red eye flight! Why cant they introduce priority check in for QFF elites? (rhetorical q) Sent from my GT-I9100 using AustFreqFly
  15. vitagen

    Interline Luggage (PER-SIN (QF) to SIN-KUL (JQ))

    Good Evening, I was wondering if anyone knew if I could interline luggage from a QF International flight to a JQ International flight, these flights are booked on two separate PNRs. Flying on QF 77 From Per-Sin and connecting to 3K687 with 2 hours connection time. I have a couple of options...
  16. vitagen

    Next Qantas J Sale (USA)

    Anyone know when the next sale fares to USA might be? With new job I have to redo my holiday plan and can only take it over Xmas :(, don't really want to pay 3.8k for a Y seat.
  17. vitagen

    Has Qantas changed the JASA rebooking engine?

    Hi Every, I'm looking at changing my JASA from Syd to Per and the change engine now looks like i'm changing a paid flight and not a ASA booking? Has this recently changed or is something wrong with the Qantas site at the moment? Cheers Lionel
  18. vitagen

    Any Potential Visa Issues to the LOTFAP?

    Hello everyone, Had a few questions: My FF profile doesnt show my middle name on my passport, now all my international trips to date have no issues and was wondering will I have an issue going to the US? Also looking at taking the status run to SJU (LAS - DFW - MIA - SJU) and staying there...
  19. vitagen

    Extra Luggage Allowance on AA for OWS/E and BA 747 vs AA 777

    Hi Everyone, Quick question, during my US trip at the end of the year looking at dropping into London. Checked the AA site, OW status pax have extra luggage and was wondering if this applied to AA codeshares on BA metal from JFK-LHR-LAX? Also is BA 747 worth going over AA 777? Cheers
  20. vitagen

    Adding Stopover in JASA?

    Hi Everyone, if I book a JASA with two segments (EG PER-MEL-SYD) can I add in a stopover so I take the MEL-SYD leg a few days later? Cheeres