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    Upgrading one leg of a two leg journey

    Hi all, I've searched without success so apologies if this has been covered before.... Next month I'm planning to fly UYQ-ASP-MEL and would like to u/g the ASP-MEL leg using points. Having checked award availability, I know J award seats are available on this leg. My question is, will I...
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    BA HKG-LHR in F. Wing/Pier access?

    Sorry everyone, I have searched but have been unable to find a definitive answer: If I were to fly HKG-LHR in F on BA, would I have access to CX's Wing/Pier lounges in HKG? I have no OW status. It is possible that I might arrive at HKG some 10 hours before my departure. Would I be able to...
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    PER-SYD upgrade award classes

    Hi All, Just looking at for my flight PER-SYD on 1st Oct. What booking class do upgrades get booked into? B, D, H, I or J? Reason for looking is that the schedule has just changed with two additional morning flights, but no 743s, hence fewer J seats per flight. I'm looking...
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    Commencement of QP membership

    Hey, just a quick one: If I purchase QP membership online, does the membership period run from the date of application or the date i first access a QP? Cheers, Dubno
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    QF Valet Parking at SYD International

    Hi All, Tried searching without success and I thought some of you may be able to help: I'm travelling to Noumea on Sunday and am considering taking advantage of the Qantas Valet 'Summer Sale'. The flight will be on QF metal but my booking is with AirCalin. The QF website states that...