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  1. Zulaiha


    Is this means the end is getting closer? Struggling Etihad Airways Close First & Business Class Lounge in London • AVIATION ANALYST
  2. Zulaiha

    starting a new trend, no check in bag fare!

    I am envision a chaos boarding would start soon! Have anybody actually seen what people bring onboard and have anybody ever wonder how in the world they can bring all those which I am sure more than 7kg? I have!
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    What best FF programs should I join?

    I am seriously considering moving my loyalty out of Etihad (currently Platinum) I am based in Dhahran, closest airports are Dammam and Bahrain; frequent flying destination Australia (Melb); NZ (AKL and WTG), Asia (CGK). I had considered moving to Qatar before however now that Qatar is out of...
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    Sydney Custom question [Tobbaco through Landside transit SYD T1?]

    I am flying into Sydney and has connection flight to AKL (within 4 hrs). As I have purchased separate tickets for the two destinations, I need to be out and back in again for my AKL flight. I understand that there is 50 cig allowance to get into Australia, but no such restriction to AKL. My...
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    maybe a stupid question for the experts

    But please let me know the difference (if any) between IHG club and Priority club reward. Thanks.
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    Internet option around Adelaide, South Australia

    I am due to go to Adelaide in 2 wks and still can not decided which accommodation should I take :( We will be in ADL for 6 nights, and would prefer to have a self catering type of accommodation seeing the 4 of us will be travelling. I have to admit to find myself shocked to see how not many...
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    Ready to ditch Etihad, is it just me or the sentiment is share by others?

    I have been Etihad Guest Gold members for almost 4 yrs now, and I find the price comparison to other UEA flights now is getting out of hand. To go to Australia from Saudi, in Dec Etihad selling at 10+K SAR while Qatar can sell on the same date for 6+K Now to go to London for January period...
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    VA vs EY metals

    Hi all, I am sure many of you had some experience on board both VA and EY metals. I am about to do bookings for our trip to NZ this coming December, and the cheaper option is always has combination of either going on EY metal and back on VA metal, or vice versa. As I have never flew VA...
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    What happen

    Dear all, I have been thinking about a certain question on the arrival cards to enter Oz that so far make me afraid of going to Africa as I am not sure what happen when I tick "yes" to one of the question find in the Immigration to enter Oz re: "Have you been to Africa in the last 6 months"...
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    Calling Qantas using Skype

    Yesterday I just spent a lot of time calling Qantas. As we are living in Saudi, and calling Australia is approx AUD3 a minute on landline (yet we got not much better connections compared to using Skype) plus with no status with Qantas, we opted to call using Skype. The ladies on the phone...
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    QF credit

    I had seen a post relating to Qantas credit yesterday, and I was about to add some question to the post, but somehow the forum was down so my question were not posted. Today I tried to find the said post above and I could not find it. I tried to search a similar question but could not find...
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    Urgent advice needed - Qantas number - travel changes

    hello all, I need urgent help. I booked many flights with qantas, we were to go to Wellington from Sydney on 28 March, than Wellington to Auckland, than Sydney to Adel back to Sydney later My mother passed away this morning in Indonesia, we need to change all our booking trip to NZ and...
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    Checked in Baggage allowance

    I spoken to a lady at Qantas 13 13 13 I asked her about laguage allowance. We are flying ADL-Mel in J and inquiring about excess bagage. From what I understand she said: We are allowed 3 piece of laguages each to a max of 32 Kg, that is 96kg in total per person. She than continue that the...
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    Dubai airport

    to the experts around this forum: We are relocating to Saudi next month, we really would love to stay in Dubai some extra days prior to our settlement in Saudi. As we all entitled for 400 kg excess bagages (I think this will come as voucher to be redeemed at the time we are checking in?)...
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    Help with a stupid questions Please.

    Attention all Experience Members: We are about to relocate to Saudi, and our flight will be from Adelaide to Dhahran City via Sydney/Melbourne and Dubai. Flying Qantas from ADL to SYD/Melb and the rest is Emirates. We are Qantar FF members, but knowing that we will be stationed in Saudi for...
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    Travel Insurance

    Hi there frequent flyers community, after been hit by the changes of our travel plan, I am now seriously looking at Travel Insurance. Is there any suggestion for a low budget person like me on what or which travel insurance I should take? I clicked one of this forum ad on travel insurance...