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  1. pacblue

    A380 names

    Why didn't Brian Grey (Compass) and Paul Stoddart (Oz Jet) get a guernsey ??? They contributed to Australian aviation ... sort of ...
  2. pacblue

    Don't Want To Go

    It also helps if passengers follow safety instructions. "...we recommend that you keep your seatbelt fastened, when not moving about the cabin" ... you can't hit the ceiling if you've got your belt fastened. Also : " we're on our descent, we ask that you now turn off all elelctronic...
  3. pacblue

    Qantas New Domestic Business Lounges

    Let's face in the QC's have become like giant barns. I think the new domestic business lounges are great. I am only QC gold, but my employer flies me business - and in the new lounges you get a bid more quiet & space. I also like the barista service in the mornings. You also find a better class...
  4. pacblue

    Famous people met/seen while flying v2

    Last month (August 17th) QF 433 SYD-MEL - J class, Gina Riley and Jane Turner (Kath and Kim). In July Baz Luhrmann on QF 843 DRW-SYD, J Class. I also regularly see ex pollies and serving pollies, high profile legal eagles ... and some who have been identified in the media as "colorful racing"...
  5. pacblue

    suitable Melbourn CBD hotel for wife's birthday

    My wife and I stayed at the Sebel in Collins Street about a month ago. Nice place, loft apartment - big lounge & kitchenette downstairs, bedroom, bathroom (large, with spa) upstairs. It's a really old bank building (from 1860's) in a quiet part of town (corner Collins & Queen Streets) easy...
  6. pacblue

    Where to fly in Oceania ?

    Why don't you think about the Cook Islands. Have a look at an island called Aitutaki in the Cooks. It's fantastic. a little more expensive than Rarotonga, but beautiful. Fiji is always great - June is a great time weatherwise. Tahiti is horrendously expensive - and unless you speak French...
  7. pacblue

    BA places corpse in first class

    Gee, that's a bit stiff ! So, you have to do something pretty dramatic (like die) to get upgraded to first on BA ! I though most aircraft today had those special "holding bays" (read : inbuilt coffins) for just such an event. Failing that couldn't they have stuck her in the crew rest area...
  8. pacblue

    Famous people seen (or even met) whilst flying or lounging

    Sat opposite Baz Luhrmann, in J, MEL-SYD and last week Marcia Hines from MEL-ADL. Spotted Martin King from A Current Affair on the same flight, but he was in Y (Eddie must be tightening the purse strings over at channel 9)
  9. pacblue

    Singapore Girl to get a makeover

    They could instead push their superior standard of cabin service .. But what's wrong with promoting the fact that the FA's are good sorts ? I've seen women eyeing off male FA's (the one's who look straight anyway !!) God, when is the world going to dump bull***t political correctness ?.
  10. pacblue

    Merry Christmas

    Yes ... A very Merry Christmas and a great New Year to all AFF members. I have just started 6 weeks holiday - and have told Mrs Pacblue that I will turn off the laptop, the PC and the mobile !! - as of 6 pm tonight (21st Dec). It all sounds pretty hideous, but I'll have to go cold turkey -...
  11. pacblue

    Cynical public on the future of QFF

    How pathetic. Talk about putting your head in the sand. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would want to be informed. Having said that I don't think anyone needs to become hysterical about the FF program... just yet.
  12. pacblue

    Qantas First Class Seat Preferences

    You're in F - and any seat is a good seat in F !. IMHO.:D
  13. pacblue

    Guess whois buying their own LearJet?

    This just shows how gullible Americans really are ... particularly those in the deep south - where I suspect most of his "donations" come from. He's just another Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart ... the list goes on. This guy is a charlatan and a fraud. He should be grounded for...
  14. pacblue

    QANTAS being taken over by Macquarie Bank..

    Couldn't agree more, but you will not convince some on this site. They will simply sit back and keep quoting verbatim from the economic rationalists bible. They will only taste reality when they see first hand what private equity outfits actually do with their acquisitions.
  15. pacblue

    QANTAS being taken over by Macquarie Bank..

    Answer : All of the above. Answer : Any that doesn't involve private equity firms.
  16. pacblue

    QANTAS being taken over by Macquarie Bank..

    You just don't get it do you ? You are just a mouthpiece for economic rationalism - and are making me out to be some kind of over-the-hill sentamentalist. You couldn't be further from the truth - I just don't want to see a great Australian brand destroyed. It seems your credo is, as...
  17. pacblue

    QANTAS being taken over by Macquarie Bank..

    Ah, hello ... Perhaps it's because some of us can see that the gutting of a once-great airline, is just around the corner.
  18. pacblue

    QANTAS being taken over by Macquarie Bank..

    Well said. Let's see how much support there is for the deal by some on this site, when it finally goes ahead - and they realise the Qantas they knew simply doesn't exist anymore.
  19. pacblue

    QANTAS being taken over by Macquarie Bank..

    I agree. I was merely pointing out that there are no guarantees - and that in IMHO they are having an each-way bet.