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    Shop Small June – August 2020

    Was on the Amex live chat earlier and the assistant stated that a new Shop Small promo would start early June. Spend amount would be $10 for a $5 refund. Another 'enhancement' with the move down from the usual $20/$10. I asked why it has been scaled back and got some tripe about it being better...
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    Points Club/Plus Status Credits Calculator

    As a data point I received 7 SCs for a MEL-SYD sector and 15 for SYD-NAN. Both Y Classic Flight Rewards and noted as such alongside the entry in my QFF transaction listing. Flights were QF metal and flight numbers in August 2019, points credited March 2020. Haven't seen an earning table...
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    For fun - Your smallest points & SC's from a flight?

    I raised this six years ago after a HEL-TLL flight. I earned 17 QF miles and 10 SCs = a very good SC:miles ratio!
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    Amex D-Day Approaching (14/4/19)!

    Just called and no dice re a points bonus. Hold the Gold CC and Plat Edge. A customer since 2000. Seems loyalty counts for nought. Transfer all MR out tomorrow morning after the weekend spend hits and then look to ramp down spend to only supermarkets and petrol.
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    Perth terminal 1 Qantas Lounge

    Sitting in the Lounge now. No bother as a QF WP travelling JQ Y to guest SWMBO and Master in. It’s QF Business marketed, QF staffed and has the QF menu. Lovely space, quiet, clean. Thumbs up.
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    Perth terminal 1 Qantas Lounge

    I'd be keen to know this as flying JQ to DPS next week. I am a QF WP flying JQ Y.
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    UL is coming to Melbourne!

    Perfect timing. I was looking for somewhere to meet the British in-laws that had to a) have direct flights from MEL and LON, be a beach destination and have reasonably cheap accommodation (and beer). Fits this perfectly.Now to wait for pricing or award seat loading. Not sure where to find that...
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    What's your prediction on the Australian Dollar?

    About time Stevens started talking real. Every time someone from the RBA has made a speech in the past two years the AUD has rallied, so to finally see him talking it down is a relief. Bring on 60c.
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    What's your prediction on the Australian Dollar?

    Kind of what I was suggesting, hence the '/sarc(asm)' tag at the end. We've borrowed like madmen and haven't provided for the rainy day. With the end of the mining boom paying the piper will be especially hard. It won't be inflated away like in the past.
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    What's your prediction on the Australian Dollar?

    There goes the RBA admitting that inflation is terrible and income is going nowhere. Just in time for Glenn Stevens to sail off into the sunset. Luckily Australians don't have a massive amount of debt to service and our main industries are built on a sustainable employment outlook /sarc. 74...
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    QF A330s on AKL-SYD & AKL-MEL

    Keen to know this too. I have taken the EK A380 half a dozen times to avoid the QF B738 and have several upcoming trips to AKL. There has to be capacity as the QF MEL-AKL-MEL flights are always full.
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    Upgrade on BA flight but on QFF program ? Possible? Ever happens?

    In the past 5 years my wife and I have been op-upped together on BA from PE to J on legs to LHR from BGI, DXB, MIA and CUN and also from SYD-SIN. We were both flying as QF WPs each time. For comparison, number of upgrades from QF (in 10-12 years and >100 sectors) = 1.
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    Suggestions for 4 squiggles ex MEL

    I did a MEL-SYD-CFS day trip last month. Got ~4 hours up there - more than enough time for a swim at the beach and a few beers before heading back to a very lonely QP at CFS before the return flight. Was a little under $400 (before offsetting with some QFF points) I think, plus 2 x$15 cab rides...
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    Legroom at bulkhead row of refurbished A330-300

    Not much different than pre-refurb at all imo. I flew HKG-BNE last week and sat in 23A. I'm 6'2" and I was pretty cramped even when I reclined. That said, I found it a) better than having someone in front who could recline into me and b) handy to be able to climb out and not disturb your seat...
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    BA/AVIOS booking - QF Domestic itinerary & Infant - ticket needed?

    I'd call BA and have your child added. Costs will be minimal. FWIW, last week I booked a o/w QF J MEL-ADL for my father-in-law, my infant son and myself. Total cost was 18,900 avios (9000 per adult then only 900 for my boy) and £18. Note that there aren't any bassinets on a QF 738.
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    Transferring MR points

    Definitely doable in the UK with Amex. Closed the card of SWMBO and transferred all her MR's to my account at the same time. Nil cost. Knowing Australia though it wouldn't be surprised me if you get gouged for a fee. Interested to hear the outcome though.
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    Watching English Premier League matches

    coughnal are now a good little Cups team so you won't have much of an issue getting a ticket for any matches other than when the real contenders come to North London. Matches when their season has petered out (March onwards) especially so. Ticket touts are endemic at all matches so simply...
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    Transfer to VA

    Sorry to hijack, but I have a related query. Any idea on current timings to VA from Amex MR's? I need miles in my account before May 30 but don't want to waste extra days by going too early.
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    Seating Availability/Allocation/Configuration Help Desk

    Re: QANTAS A380-800 36J & 36K Sydney to Heathrow Can you tell me why Row 29 has extra legroom? (I'm just going off the seating plan on MMB and Row 29 looks like a normal Y row). Also see the removal of 23J/K on the plan (I have no idea why it is gone - crew rest perhaps?)
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    Seating Availability/Allocation/Configuration Help Desk

    Re: QANTAS A380-800 36J & 36K Sydney to Heathrow Can anyone advise what Y seats 24J/K are like on the newly configured A333 please. I'm flying MEL-SIN and have the choice of 23A/B or 24J/K as WP. I'm 6'2" and I'm aware of the bulkhead legroom limitations and thinner seats on 23A/B (which I'm...