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    VA and SA partnership

    From early next year, Velocity members get points/SC earn and points burn on South African Airways - and holders of appropriately shiny Velocity cards will get priority check in, boarding and lounge access. See: Virgin Australia, South African hook up for points, status credits - Australian...
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    Seat blocks in rows 3/4 on the 737s?

    So I'm currently sitting in row 3 waiting for push back this morning and it occurs to me that I don't have a seat mate in 3B - nor did I on the previous flight - 3E, 4B and 4E were and are all similarly unoccupied. Have VA actually listened to feedback and started blocking seats??
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    Checking in across multiple VA itineraries

    Hi there VFF, Something that came up in another thread - why is it that pax are unable to through-check bags and collect all boarding cards across multiple itineraries? I've heard this one blamed on "the system" before, but it seems to me that this ought to be a simple fix that I'd expect...
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    VS and DL points earn

    Hi VFF, As outlined in any number of news sources recently (for example: Delta, Virgin Atlantic to Cross-Market Flights - DailyFinance), Delta have taken a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic and both airlines will soon start dropping their respective codes on the other airlines' flights. As it...
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    When will VA make their IBE useable?

    Hi there VFF, A question for your IBE folk (but asking here as it also affects redemption bookings) - when does the company plan on having a functional website for booking flights? There have been a few threads in the main VA forum complaining about it, but let me give you a(nother) scenario...
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    Virgin one step closer to owning Skywest

    VA appears to be quite close to sealing the deal on the SQ-funded takeover of XR.. [-]Securities Industry Council of Singapore approval[/-] December 2012 [-]Australian Competition and Consumer Commission approval[/-] January 2013 [-]Skywest Airlines Ltd Shareholder approval[/-] March 2013...
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    DL systems now able to see VA status

    I suspect this has been the case for a while - at least since the start of access to DLs "Sky Priority" services for VA elites - but I noticed a little something on a DL booking I just made which was nice to see: notzac V Australia # 1234567890 Velocity Platinum Medallion / Elite Plus...
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    AUH lounge update

    So. I was browsing the Velocity website and noticed a very interesting update for status pax flying through AUH... couldn't find any other posts on the topic, so thought I'd kick off a new thread. In summary: ref...
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    Flighting with *A for Virgins..

    Not really a proper TR - I don't really have a huge amount to share, but thought I'd jot down a few thoughts as it may be of interest: I've now added NZ and UA to the list of airlines I've travelled with, and it was quite a bit better than expected! :) MEL-AKL NZ 772 (ZK-OKB), credited to VA...
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    April 2012

    Date Time Loc'n Lounge Flight Guest ============================================= 06/04 21:00 MEL NZ EY 461 1 07/04 07:30 AUH EY J EY 41 1 13/04 16:30 DUB # AF 5126 # 22/04 07:30 MAN EY EY 16 1 22/04 20:30 AUH EY...
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    New A332s: 2-2-2 in J?

    Haven't seen this posted as definitively elsewhere, but in a recent Plane Talking post: Virgin Australia launching new business class on latest A330s | Plane Talking I was actually quite happy with the J seats on the A332, but wider seats in a 2-2-2 configuration does sound rather good. :)
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    New status earn partner: Delta

    So, I was pottering around the Velocity website this morning and noticed a slight change to the table showing partners that earn Status Credits: Status and points earning fare classes are as follows: Reduced fat whY: L, U, T, H, Q, K Full fat whY: Y, B, M J and F: P, F, A, C, D, J...
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    The great (mostly VA) amenity kit giveaway!

    So, I'm doing a little bit of a clean up and am slightly embarrassed to note the sheer volume of VA premium cabin kit I kept and never used - I figured that someone else may get use out of some of the following items: 1 x VA Business amenity kit ("satchel" design) 2 x VA Business amenity kits...
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    Your favourite CX J seats?

    Hi AFF'ers, I find myself with something of a first world problem: which seats do I select for a journey with CX in J? I'm travelling MEL-HKG-MEL (sadly, no redemption availability ex-SYD for me to try out the shiny new J seating); I believe I'm travelling on a '33B' both ways (1x1x1 Sky...
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    How to Find Booking class (fare bucket code)

    Re: Virgin Money credit cards (linked to Velocity rewards) Yup, F isn't available via the GDS (it's also the fare bucket used for the "Happy Hour" tickets). You can actually convince the Virgin Australia website to tell you what fare bucket it's showing availability for; search for the...
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    Velocity Platinum card vs. Platinum Reserve card

    Hopefully I've got this thread in the right place. I'm currently an AmEx Qantas Ultimate cardholder, but have mostly sworn off flying QF and thus don't see much benefit in earning points with them any longer. The annual fee is due again next month and I don't fancy paying $400ish for the...
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    Mini TR: to Europe with VA

    Another installment in my happy flighting series -- this time somewhat abbreviated, slightly more complaining and no photos at all. Sorry! :p I'm currently in Dublin on a work adventure, and getting here was by way of a coughtail of carriers: DJ from MEL to SYD, VA from SYD to AUH and finally...
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    What's in your amenity kit?

    Random question that came to mind .. what should airlines put in an amenity kit? What would you actually use during the flight? I keep finding myself barely using the contents of the kits I receive, mostly due to poor quality/selection of product .. so I end up packing myself a kit for the...
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    Up and away in J with VA!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present my latest installment of [-]rampant alcoholism at 37000 feet[/-] happy flighting with VA! Y'all will appreciate the effort it took to not construct a salacious thread title, however a quick peruse of the forum rules suggested that such lewd language had...
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    Photo report: W Hollywood

    ...Well Hello There notzac, Who knew you were visiting?... Wishes granted - some photos from the W Hollywood! I'm having a mostly Wonderful time; beginning with an upgrade from a Wonderful room to a Fabulous suite on check-in at the Welcome desk. I have been over Whelmed by the helpfulness of...