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    Virgin Australia - Promo Codes (ongoing)

    received this today, not sure how it compares to any other codes still in operation. Exclusive offer for Corporate clients of Virgin Australia and their travel companions. Enjoy 10% off Virgin Australia Domestic, Trans-Tasman, International Short Haul and International Long Haul Flights*...
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    Feeling the Platinum love when flying SQ

    Whilst I remember just a few notes from our recent trip to Europe. 1 WP adult travelling with 1 other adult and 2 children in economy. Flew nasty 01.05am to SIN. Checked in at Suites desk in MEL, given express priority passes to breeze through security and immigration. Had to hand priority...
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    Posting of SQ flights to Velocity

    We are having the same problem. Flew SQ MEL-LHR early April - flights showed up in 3 days. Flew CDG-MEL 2nd May and still nothing. Having said that, review date was 1 May so account still sitting in limbo. Come on guys - I need confirmation I've requall'd as Platinum.
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    Status Credits and requal

    erkpod - I'm tempted to say "5 ft 0" but I guess that's not what you mean ;). I need a good percentage of the IB credits to requal so they certainly wouldn't requal me without taking these flights into consideration. If I only needed 800 to requal I was going to pool some of the flights to...
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    Status Credits and requal

    Many thanks for that - its really helpful. I will forget about option 1 (comp requal) happening and rely on simply requalifying in its own right. If I have done my maths right I should head straight back up to Platinum by the time I get home. thanks again... you guys are great. I'm off to...
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    Status Credits and requal

    OK, so I know I should know the answer to this but cannot get my head around it. My requal date is 1 May. I'm flying to the UK on SQ this week with family who are pooling to me but because of booking class OB leaves me short on Platinum requal before 1 May. My return flight is May 2 & 3rd...
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    Refund on Travel Bank Question

    We have had this just recently. The travel bank is set up for the person travelling (ie your mum) but apparently she can call Virgin to authorise the credit to be used for another person. Haven't tested the second part of that though...
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    Virgin Australia’s free Wireless In-flight Entertainment system

    Re: Virgin WIFi IFE Yes, it is pretty much gate to gate - just a little late in getting started I think.
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    Virgin Australia’s free Wireless In-flight Entertainment system

    Re: Virgin WIFi IFE No, it was the in-seat seatback product (sorry I don't know what its called). I'm assuming this: "B737-800 - Our next generation B737-800 aircraft operating on selected Tasman services offers on-demand inflight entertainment with over 300 entertainment options including 20...
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    Virgin Australia’s free Wireless In-flight Entertainment system

    Virgin WIFi IFE sorry can't find the most recent thread on this but just to say, we got to try the wifi IFE on our flight from BNE-MEL today. Seemed to have a much better range than the Galaxy Tablets - especially for the kidlets who had a few tv shows to chose from and some decent films...
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    VA323 Mel-Bne 29th June with DH and 2 kiddos. 6/8 so pretty full. OJ or water on take off. CS Kirsty was amazing, heavy on the customer service to the old couple behind us who were very "needy". Found the man a cheese plate from somewhere??? Chatty and friendly and making the kids feel...
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    My Velocity Challenge...

    ooh I was gonna suggest EY to Moscow but it looks as though all the decent airlines codeshare on a, lets says "slightly less decent" airline to get to Sochi. Still, you'd have lounge access at Moscow.
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    Identifying aircraft type in advance

    is anyone able to tell me which plane VA328 BNE to MEL is? We are in row 3 and I had assumed we would have no IFE so taking the ipad for the kids but would hate to get on and find everyone has it APART from us (would not bode well for moaning kids). many thanks ETA: all sorted now.. thanks...
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    Sydney Lounge feedback wanted regarding meeting rooms and kids area

    I definitely think a kids area is the way to go. But I wouldn't make it a huge playground or anything - thats not what airport lounges are about. Something similar to the No. 1 Traveller pay lounge at Heathrow which has a small glass enclosed kids room with bean bags and a tv showing cartoons...
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    Best and worst experiences in Y class

    from what I have heard anyone who has flown Aeroflot would have a clear winner in the worst stakes... Rob you are my hero. I forgot to mention pretty much every charter flight from the UK to a European holiday destination in the 80s - its amazing how a 12 hour wait in a hanger of an airport...
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    Best and worst experiences in Y class

    I love flying so much that I'll put up with most things but these are high and low lights: worst: Turkish Airlines, back row with no recline on a 3x3 - DH and me in window seats and morbidly obese woman in the aisle seat. They let her board first then expected us to CLIMB over her to get to...
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    Confused by SC?

    Thanks for that - I think we will get DH to platinum which with soft fall to gold still gives us 2 years lounge access for the family (we rarely travel without him) and he can take his colleagues in with him on work trips. Thanks for your help ps flights booked through SQ so will check the...
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    Confused by SC?

    Ok, please treat me kindly as this may be a stupid question... (flying Mel-Lon-sin-Mel with SQ) We have an upcoming return flight to the UK and I am fiddling with family pooling. If we all pool to DH he should requal for Gold by SIN with SCs to spare then we will pool over to me to give me...