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    Feeling the Platinum love when flying SQ

    Whilst I remember just a few notes from our recent trip to Europe. 1 WP adult travelling with 1 other adult and 2 children in economy. Flew nasty 01.05am to SIN. Checked in at Suites desk in MEL, given express priority passes to breeze through security and immigration. Had to hand priority...
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    Status Credits and requal

    OK, so I know I should know the answer to this but cannot get my head around it. My requal date is 1 May. I'm flying to the UK on SQ this week with family who are pooling to me but because of booking class OB leaves me short on Platinum requal before 1 May. My return flight is May 2 & 3rd...
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    Confused by SC?

    Ok, please treat me kindly as this may be a stupid question... (flying Mel-Lon-sin-Mel with SQ) We have an upcoming return flight to the UK and I am fiddling with family pooling. If we all pool to DH he should requal for Gold by SIN with SCs to spare then we will pool over to me to give me...