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  1. NSun

    Qantas offering WPs dinner for 2 at Neil Perry's Margaret for 50,000 points From email: As a valued Platinum member, we invite you to use your points and be the first to experience Neil Perry’s new restaurant, Margaret. Join Neil and Qantas Loyalty CEO, Olivia Wirth at...
  2. NSun

    Great Southern Land Scenic Flight a.k.a. "The Flight to Nowhere"

    On Saturday October 10 I was one of the lucky 150 people to be onboard the Great Southern Land Scenic Flight from Sydney. My last overseas flight was SIN-MEL on March 9 (I am from Sydney but went via MEL to have a better chance of an upgraded). I landed on the day Qantas announced it...
  3. NSun

    Great Southern Land Scenic Flight - 10 October 2020

    Is anyone else from AFF going on the Great Southern Land scenic flight this Saturday October 10? Apparently the package includes a pre-flight breakfast in the Sydney domestic J lounge from 8am.
  4. NSun

    A taste of Xiamen summer & Qantas First and several bites of the Pier - 2018

    In light of the travel restrictions right now I've been looking back on some of the trips I've taken in years gone by. For my first AFF trip report here is one of the more intriguing I took - to Hong Kong and Xiamen in July 2018. I fell in love with Hong Kong visiting in July 2016 and this was...
  5. NSun

    Hong Kong to Sydney (QF metal but CX lounges)

    I went to Hong Kong and Xiamen for a few days earlier in July. I booked Premium Economy with QF and applied for an upgrade on the way back - being overnight it was the natural choice. I knew first hand how wonderful it was to snag a First Suite and was able to do once my upgrade was confirmed at...
  6. NSun

    Qantas to scrap Premium Economy to HKG from April 2019 [only A330 scheduled]

    I was searching SYD-HKG flights next year and I noticed from April the flights QF127/128 and QF 117/118 were both A330 flights. I rang the QF Call desk and they confirmed this was correct and not just a system glitch. Obviously this will mean the 747 is being removed on this route - yet it will...
  7. NSun

    Rydges Gladstone

    Last week I had a quick overnight in Gladstone. I can be a loyalist to specific hotels in certain places but not to hotel chains. It goes without saying hotels in regional areas are cheaper and Gladstone was no exception - I got an $80 per rate night on a Friday night. The Rydges is right in...
  8. NSun

    My Experience with the Hong Kong e-Channel

    I do not think there has been much discussion on AFF on this subject so...back in August all Australian passport holders became eligible to use their e-channel system (subject to having no 'adverse record' in Hong Kong and being over 16). Prior to that only frequent flyers (i.e. Qantas gold and...
  9. NSun

    Peppers Kings Square, Perth

    Peppers Kings Square is a relatively new hotel in Perth having opened in November 2016. I was in Perth for a couple of nights a fortnight ago. When I'm only staying at a hotel for a night or two I am less fussy about a hotel's amenities, such as not having a pool or gym. Nevertheless I was...
  10. NSun

    Qantas A330 Business Suite to Auckland

    We all loved flying Emirates A380 service between Sydney and Auckland. Even if one was in economy the sheer thrill of being on an A380 was a great reason to pick it. If in business or first (which if paid is a great status credits booster) you could enjoy Emirates' service (the inflight bar...