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    Qantas Points Club Discussion

    I did something similar. I qualified for PC 2 months ahead with zero points from flights and zero points from churning. I did have a quick look at PC+, but I won't make it based on my current spend.
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    Pointless accumulating points?

    I still accumulate points, because I enjoy it as a hobby. Every time I look at my points balance, I always think of the o/s holidays the points will allow me to go on (whenever that will be !) The realistic part of me knows that redemption will be an issue, but the idealistic part of me is...
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    Is partial use of a flight credit possible?

    Just out of curiosity, was there a fee to convert your flight credit to a travel pass ?
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    Australian state border restrictions

    I agree. Its too hard to keep track of what is happening in my OWN state, let alone any others !
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    Points Club Impossible to Attain?

    I've just requalified for PC for the 2nd year in a row. I haven't churned since early 2000 so it is possible to achieve without churning (but much easier if you do) !
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    50SC on offer with BP

    Does anyone know 50 SC offer is concurrent with the 5x points offer ? Can't seem to find this in the T&Cs
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    1k QFF for spending $30 at Terry White Chemists

    I'm still sad to see the end of this. Any reduction in opportunities to earn QFF points is a backward step (in my opinion).
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    flight credit vouchers not appearing on bookings page

    Mine do not appear in either ! Very frustrating (to say the least).
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    QANTAS Pop up point top up to reach 350k point club

    I agree with Scr77. The points from Qantas wine are usually credited quite quickly. So this might be a good option if the anniversary of your membeship is coming soon.
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    Qantas credit card hopping

    Hi Dima. Whilst on the subject of credit card churning, you may find Matt's webinar on Credit card churning useful. The webinar will be held on on Wednesday, 16 June. Link to sign up is on the right hand side of this page under "Calendar events".
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    Qantas New Partner - BP

    Excellent ! I should be needing to fill up soon. 5x points will be welcome.
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    The COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Australia has begun

    I've booked in for my first jab on Wednesday. (Yes, I know its taken me long enough) Can't remember the last time I've been this excited !
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    Earning Points when shopping with Qantas Partners

    I decided at 120 days that this was starting to get ridiculous. I followed it up and was told that Myer had declined the points earn on this purchase ! In case you ask, I didn't cancel/exchange/return anything. Nor did I buy gift cards or use a promotion code to buy something. This is now...
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    Earning Points when shopping with Qantas Partners

    I myself am waiting for points made on purchases from Myer before Christmas ! 118 days and counting. The points are still listed as "Pending" in my shopping history, so they should show up (eventually).
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    Qantas flight booked via Amex Travel

    Call first thing in the morning at 7 am. I did this the other day when Brisbane went into lockdown (thanks again Annastacia !) I was on hold for 20 minutes, rather than 2 hours.
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    Oh dear : We are excited to release the new app Dashboard

    I had to sign in again on my iPad, but it worked fine after that.
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    Newly gold, will I get luggage tags..

    Congrats on qualifying for Gold ! I'm very jealous.
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    Who else has to regularly chase up Qantas for points & status credits owed....

    I avoid JQ like the plague. Unfortunately, Mrs BigJohn loves JQ so I'm forced to travel on it from time to time (the things we do for matrimonial harmony !) I generally find points from Qantas Shopping to be very slow in crediting points. The website says it takes up to 90 days, but I have a...
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    Qantas flight booked via Amex Travel

    I had to do this when Qld closed their borders just before Christmas (thanks Annastacia !) As Beachypete says, phone Amex. Make sure you call first thing in the morning as soon as the call centre opens. This minimises your waiting time. Needless to say, make sure you have all your details...