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    Etihad Points Transfer Bonus from Amex - any ideas when?

    As per subject - any insight into when the next promo may be? I need to move about 100k points over so a 20%/30% bonus would be great!!
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    PGR Account cancelled after leaving bad review

    Ok so I've been fairly loyal to PGR/GHA over the last few years - achieving Plat in PGR and Black in GHA I booked a stay at Rydges last month via GHA (hoping I'd get a Local Experience as it was my first Rydges stay) The hotel was a bit old and tired, and to make matters worse - they charged...
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    First time J with SQ - not a patch on Virgin (int'l)

    Did I get unlucky with the A330 regional J or is SQ product not up to same standard as VA? Service as good enough but bed not v comfortable (not flat), no amenity packs, ok food, no sleep suit etc. drinks menu was good but it was a 2345 flight so only had one before dinner I used Velocity...
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    Plat Velocity flying SQ to Tokyo - which lounges?

    I know in Brisbane I can use the good SQ lounge, in Singapore the cough SQ lounge, but what if anything can i use at Tokyo HND? Singapore don't have a lounge, but they allow access to the ANA lounge for Star Alliance Gold - but obviously Velocity isn't Star Alliance Anyone?
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    KF Upgrade Availability Check?

    Is it possible to check SQ upgrade availability on EF? If so - could someone see if there's a Y to J single seat available on SQ246 on 1/2 and/or SQ632 on 2/2, and returning either SQ635 on 14/2 and/or SQ245 on 15/2 Thanks in advance!
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    Book with SIA or VA

    I want to fly BNE to HND on SIA and can book either SIA or VA $1536 VA - outbound Saver, inbound Flexi $1558 SIA - outbound sweet deals, inbound Flexi $1773 SIA - both Flexi Some considerations (in order of preference) : - if possible would like to use KF miles to upgrade the overnight leg...
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    Lost Platinum - dropped to the bottom - any free Platinum offers?

    I only stayed 8 times so lost my status - not the be all and end all, but i've just managed to get work to always use Sofitels so would benefit from being Platinum again Meeting with the corporate team next week so they may be able to help me get back up - but does anyone know of any free...
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    Is it worth $120 for a flexi from PER to BNE

    Plan is to pay the extra, so can use a comp upgrade (Assuming availability) That leg is $120 than the saver. Worth it? I've never flown that route, but with it being a longer flight, I imagine J is pretty good?
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    BNE to HND/NRT (And on to Niseko)

    Looking for options leaving BNE late 1/2 and being back in BNE any time on 15/2 Best option out looks like VA/SQ 2345 to HND which would enable me to get an internal flight to CTS and bus up to Niseko upon arrival that evening Coming back I found an option that involves 3 legs instead of 2...
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    Price Fluctuation on a Saver BNE to CNS

    Hey guys - I admit I don't fully understand how the price changing works with airlines over here - I figured it would be more expensive as more seats get sold but maybe i'm wrong? Anyway so I was going to book a BNE to CNS flight for my girlfriend and it was $220 for a Saver in the week (Save...
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    Confusion on Virgin Australia LHR to SYD Baggage

    There's conflicting info on the Virgin Australia site My girlfriend is flying from LHR to SYD (via AUH). The first leg is Etihad metal, the second Virgin Australia. She has no status (yet!), and I'm trying to work out luggage. One page says 2 x 23kg, another says 1 x 23kg and a third says 1 x...
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    Delayed baggage on Virgin ticketed, Etihad operated flight

    So for the first time in my many years of flying, I had a baggage problem! I was flying from BNE to AUH (via MEL) on the 17th April. I checked in at BNE - well tried to - the Priorit Checkin lady wasn't 'trained for Int'l check in's) so I was asked to go down to a different counter. Took a long...
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    Odd question - is there an iron in the Sydney Domestic Virgin lounge?!

    Landing off a flight from Abu Dhabi and then heading on to Brisbane for meetings - could do with freshening up and putting on a clean/ironed shirt!
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    Arrivals lounge access from VA30 Sydney

    Am landing and likely have to go on to a meeting from the airport Do I have access to any lounge to shower and freshen up when I arrive at Sydney Int'l?
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    Best hotel in Abu Dhabi?

    Heading there for Easter. Any recommendations? Have Hilton Diamond and accor Le Club platinum so was looking at Sofitel and Hilton. From review the rooms at Sofitel are better but the pool not so good as always in shade. Hilton Beach Club seems well regarded but rooms are dated. Any my other...
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    Car Hire

    I'm platinum, and therefore Europcar Elite. Whats ts the best way to book a car rental? I get different prices whether I go through Europcar (logged in) or Velocity. Looking for a prestige (A5 Cabriolet) for 2 days in Melbourne
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    Missed flight

    My girlfriend missed the outbound leg (Virgin) of a return flight, so had to book one way with Jetstar. What does that mean for her return leg?
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    BNE -> MEL -> AUH -> LHR - Baggage checked through?

    Am flying next week on the above route - all on the same ticket though obviously a combo of Virgin Australia domestic flights, and VA codeshared Etihad Int'l flights. Question is when I check in at Brisbane - will my bags be checked through to London? Or will I have to collect them at...
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    Reward flight from MCY or BNE to AUH

    I'd very much like to use my miles to go over to Abu Dhabi for the Grand Prix next yr I would like to fly on the VA operated (VA 29/30) flight in J Would I have to book SYD to AUH with miles separately and then get myself from MCY or BNE to SYD? If I put in from MCY to AUH it doesn't give me...
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    Velocity Plat on Virgin Australia/Etihad Codeshare to London via Abu Dhabi (Baggage)

    So I think I get 50kg each way as a Plat But I'm confused on the cabin baggage (Economy) This page says 2 x bags up to 7 kg total - Etihad Airways But this page says 1 x bags up to 7kg total - Baggage allowances and charges Anyone know which is right? Hoping the 2 bag one!