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    Travel credit now usable for FHR bookings

    I was able to get refunded for FS Sydney over New Years, after the Northern beaches outbreak. This wasn't a FHR booking though and was non-refundable after 29 November but due to Covid restrictions, Amex rep gave a full refund including re-credited travel credit.
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    New Amex statement credits

    Has anyone used their Net-a-Porter/Mr Porter credit and had to return their purchase, does the credit get reversed? Needing to return a pair of shoes but I'll be cutting it close to the 30 June credit expiry (if it's re-issued and I need to re-spend).
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    How does the Amex Platinum Charge work with credit score?

    I was able to reduce my Plat Edge to $2k – minimum for application is $3k as well.
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    Amex Platinum to end Shangri-La Golden Circle Jade Membership from April 2021

    Mine is also valid through 12/21, applied in 06/19. Bear in mind the upgrade to Jade is not instant and you should allow extra time for it to process. Can't recall how long it took but I stayed at the Shangri-la Fiji in July 19 and hadn't been given Jade status at that point.
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    CommBank Awards points transfer to Flying Blue at 2:1 rate?

    Seems like it, apart from Velocity, if you want to redeem award points for frequent flyers, you have to call or message Commbank Awards, there’s no direct transfer online. Seems like the call centre has the most up-to-date information.
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    CommBank Awards points transfer to Flying Blue at 2:1 rate?

    First pic is the participating airline/hotel programs, second and third are the conversion rates. Still has airlines listed, that are no longer partners — JAL, Malaysia and Lufthansa.
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    How does the Amex Platinum Charge work with credit score?

    Interesting, I was told by a mortgage broker I'd need to cancel my charge card because it can't be assigned a credit limit. I'll see what the bank says once we're ready for approval but I would assume as debt can't be rolled over month to month, banks don't view it in the same way as a credit card?
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    It's instant, they cancel your card and say if you're interested in reopening your account, I can offer you xx_ points. Reopened on the spot, your card number doesn't change and no additional credit check.
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    Platinum Charge Companion Card change

    Before I applied for my Reserve card, I was told I could use my Edge card (with $200 travel credit) as a companion card for the Charge card. I wonder if this will still be the case if/when they remove the $400 tc from the Reserve card.
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    If you login to your account and go to 'Benefits & Help' > 'Explore Membership Benefits' and select the Reserve, it still has annual travel credit listed. Perhaps – and hopefully – AMEX no longer want to publicly advertise this as a benefit?
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    Card Promotions ANZ QFF Black - 120k Bonus Points, $275 back after 4-months, $450 annual fee (DEC 2019)

    Just received second month statement, have been credited 120k bonus points and annual fee rebate. Meet spend requirements after the first statement.
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    AMEX Platinum Charge Benefits - Q&A

    I think I got this message when I tried to sign up for AFR, clear your cache and restart your browser. I was told by customer service to use chrome, not Firefox and not safari (if you’re on a Mac).
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    Amex "I'm going to cancel my card" - bonus points given thread.

    Called Amex to cancel my Platinum Edge, annual fee due in early December. They cancelled it and then asked the reason, I stated I already have a Reserve and Charge and I haven't been using the Edge. Was offered 100,000 points to 'reopen' the Edge. Took the offer, card/account was 'reopened' on...
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    AMEX Plat Charge - Approval Times

    Have a plat edge and I applied for the charge card on a Sunday, it stated a 10 day approval process. Received an approval email on the Tuesday, card arrival the next day. A month later, I applied for the companion reserve card, approved on the spot.
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    Convert Explorer to Platinum Reserve

    I was told one companion card per account but I will eventually apply for the reserve and see what happens to the annual fee of the edge.
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    Convert Explorer to Platinum Reserve

    Tried converting my Plat Edge to Reserve after I activated my Platinum Charge, couldn't be done, I had to apply for the Reserve. Edge could be used as the companion card and the fee is waived. The points are pooled into one program and the Edge still has a higher earn rate at supermarkets and...
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    NAB Premium Rewards Card 40k bonus QFF Points with $0 annual fee first year

    It's interesting, I just cancelled my ANZ FF card which I received with the 50000 bonus point promotion and no annual fee for the first year. I told them I'm cancelling because I needed the card for a BT but changed my mind and paid the balance in full (which is partly true). He then asked me if...
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    Westpac Earth Cards Discontinued

    The Singapore Airlines Card has also been discontinued. Yet Krisflyers hasn't been moved under the Altitude cards.
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    Suncorp Clear Options Platinum $0 Annual Fee for Life

    I understand what you mean but surely if it's branded under Suncorp, it doesn't count as another Citibank card? I haven't encountered a problem with having multiple cards with the same bank, wouldn't they prefer to have more of your business?