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    Congratulations Lindsay and Vicky

    Just read the wonderful news. Congratulations! I wish you all many future happy flights with op-upgrades to boot!
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    Virgin terrified of Jetstar/QF plans

    Most flights domestically in Australia are short enough that any of the airlines' offerings could be endured. My buying decisions are heavily influenced by the features of the associated Frequent Flyer programs, hence my irritation with Qantas since May 05. However, with the Velocity...
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    QFF Member Survey

    Yes, to one of those Swedish girls. :D Those were the days... midsummer with my then girl-friend, vodka and sill (Swedish pickled herring). She doesn't drink and is not fond of the sill either. So all the more for me! Just a word of caution... don't overdo it on these midsummer festivities...
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    QFF Member Survey

    Hmmm.... perhaps you are confusing things a bit. Are you referring to ARN (Stockholm Arlanda) perhaps? Stockholm is about 3 six-packs of beer away from HEL by ferry. :) But you're right, there is nothing like a Swedish midsommar festival with absolut vodka, sill and gorgeous Swedish girls!
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    Virgin "Next Generation Loyalty Programme" coming

    It's about time! What took them so long?
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    Why do businesses screw their best cutomers ?

    Please allow me to philosophically navel-gaze for a post: My theory is that since the pre-historic mid 1980s, the markets have changed dramatically because of the information-age. I think the main driver is the increased speed of information transfer and cheap, easy ubiquitous access...
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    citi bank ready credit huge new fees

    This is probably not a good idea if you have debt at the the low balance transfer rate. It seems to work like this: let's say you have balance transfer debt of $4000 at 4.9% (for the life of the debt they claim). You then use another $1000. The debt is now $4000 @ 4.9% + $1000 @ 15% (or...
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    Amex Gold Travel Insurance for Award Flights

    Good ole' Lindsay, helpful as usual everywhere! :D
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    Amex Gold Travel Insurance for Award Flights

    Hi All, I have read through the new June 2005 Amex Gold Card Product Disclosure Statement. There is no information about how Award Flights are covered by their insurance policy. I called ACE Insurance and they said that Award Flights are NOT covered for Amex Gold. Considering that these...