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  1. Mrmaxwell

    Bloomberg Turnaround - Video

    Just in case this was missed last week....some interesting bits of info I hadn't heard before such as aircraft utilisation and 35min domestic turnarounds;
  2. Mrmaxwell

    Multi-Voltage Travel Appliances

    My wife has been doing a lot of business travel to the USA and has found out her expensive Dyson hair dryer is not multi-voltage and won't work. Any easy way around this? (most power converters are not designed for travel) I recall some hotels having multi-voltage power points - am I imagining...
  3. Mrmaxwell

    Qantas steward sacked for drinking ¼ of a bottle of vodka on flight

    What a way to end a 31 year career...
  4. Mrmaxwell

    Seat Selection Blocked due to Bassinet

    I've had a few issues lately where international long haul QF flights have been fully booked and the only available seats (Y+ / J) have been bulkhead bassinet seats and 1 or 2 centre seats. I am told on a regular basis these seats are blocked until airport check in opens and cannot be released...
  5. Mrmaxwell

    Cabin Temperatures?

    I recently returned from overseas flying with several airlines (mostly in J) and found the cabin temperatures to be very warm across the board. Certainly over 21c (which I always assume is ideal). The seats I were in didn’t need a blanket that’s for sure, and when I would get up and go for a...
  6. Mrmaxwell

    JQ30 BKK-SYD Gets Cancelled Two Days in a row

    Far from ideal; why can't JQ/QF get another aircraft rather than leaving two full flights stranded in BKK? It's an 8 hour flight from home...48hrs and doing nothing seems average...
  7. Mrmaxwell

    QF WP Status on EK?

    I’m confused :) Flying EK first time LIS-MNL via DXB and thought my status didn’t matter...lovely check in girl was surprised I lined up for several minutes in the economy lines and proceeded to advise all my priority boarding and lounge rights as a OWE Emerald. I thought this only counted on...
  8. Mrmaxwell

    QF28 Diverted to MEL?

    Any idea why QF28 has been diverted to MEL? Was about to leave for the airport to meet family...
  9. Mrmaxwell

    QF Flash Sale - Hong Kong $445 Rtn

    Don't recall seeing Qantas offering HKG return this discounted in whY. Travel is Feb-Jun 2019 but if you have any dates ready to or wish to try the 787 ex Mel/Syd. Ends in 48hrs.
  10. Mrmaxwell

    HKG QF Lounge Food

    Recently paid a visit to the QF lounge in HKG due to my flight departure on QF118 being very close. I normally go to the CX Pier lounge for its ambience and good food in the restaurant. Arrived at the QF lounge around 20:30 and was told no hot food available, and the buffet food available was...
  11. Mrmaxwell

    Qantas DOM SYD Baggage Systems Down

    All baggage systems at SYD T3 are down: Manual check in enabled. Took me 40mins to check in at 9am lots of school kids piling up hope they fix it soon.
  12. Mrmaxwell

    Best F Seats - QF A380

    My partner and I are flying in the F cabin on QF127 A380 for the first time. We have chosen 3/4A and wanted any recommendations from regular F flyers here :) The cabin is currently empty so will be able to change if needed.
  13. Mrmaxwell

    Business Sale Refund?

    I'm sure I am not the first person to experience this... Just randomly checked QF flights I have booked months ago under Business Sale to find the exact same flights / class are now $2100 cheaper! Any strategy I can use to refund/credit the difference? Business sale has a $400pp change fee /...
  14. Mrmaxwell

    Reply with Nested Quotes?

    Anyway to reply to a post that includes a quote? I am only able to reply and include the last post, not the nested quote within the post; Eg. "Quote 1" Reply and quote 1 Me; Quoting both reply and quote 1 however only the reply is quoted in my post and original quote lost
  15. Mrmaxwell

    QF INT Seat Selection without Status

    Last week I booked an international flight for Mum however didn't select a seat due to the $35 rule knowing it would be free and easy closer to check in. Long story short the $35 fee was applied right up until check in as did restricted seat selection for someone with NB...even at the airport...
  16. Mrmaxwell

    New Security Checks ex-MNL

    I just flew on QF20 MNL-SYD and was surprised to be asked to open my checked suitcases and have them checked and scanned by airport staff right in the check in line. Does this happen anywhere else? I certainly have travelled from a fair few countries and don't remember being checked like...
  17. Mrmaxwell

    Need 5 SC to Keep WP

    For many reasons I am only 5SC short to keep WP. My year ends this Friday...should I take a quick trip or rely on QFF to comp me? I called the FF team today to ask and was told they would get back to me after making a request to the loyalty team. I've been WP for several years...I've never been...
  18. Mrmaxwell

    Transit in SCL

    I am soon flying to AEP (Buenos Aires) via SCL on QF and LATAM, does anyone know the transit process in SCL once I arrive via QF27? Is there a transit process so I don't have to go through customs/immigration? Can I get my luggage checked through to my final destination? I have spoken to QF but...
  19. Mrmaxwell

    Seating on OneWorld Partner Airlines

    Several times this year I've had flights booked via QF along with a OneWorld airline partner in the same booking, yet it seems seat selection as a WP is a terrible experience each time. No seat maps or even access to any kind of selection. My current booking which includes LATAM again has been...
  20. Mrmaxwell

    Booking Class Query

    I have an upcoming QF return flight which was recently booked by my employer under booking classes N and O (discount economy). Due to this I was unable to submit a classic upgrade request. When I try to book the same flight myself on the QF website I see only saver fares are available (which are...