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    Aus/British Dual Citizen

    Once though Aus immigration on departure put your Aus passport at the bottom of the bag and use the UK passport. Nobody will want to see it again until you check in for your flight back to Aus on the way home. It used to be very handy having the UK passport back when Aussies needed a visa for...
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    Upgrades SYD - LHR

    I attempted to get my 6 mths pregnant wife an u/g on SYD->LHR about this time last year so can speak from experience. If you book on one flight number (e.g. QF1) essentially if you can not get the u/g for the entire flight then they will not give it to your for one segment. E.g. there might be...
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    Citibank Gold Travel Insurance

    They'll insure my 80 yr old father no problems. NAB gold visa has an age limit of 75 but citi insurance is through zurich not american life.
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    Best *A FF program for me??

    Are you sure about this? My understanding is 50,000 miles in a calendar year or 80,000 miles in the first year of membership plus the next calendar year after. I've been chasing this recently as you might know from FT as I have 80,000 miles from Nov-05 to Nov-06 but only 49,000 miles from Jan...