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  1. mmchow

    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    We had Comtes on our flight out in Jan (SYD-SIN) and return yesterday (SIN-MEL).
  2. mmchow

    AI flights not bookable using KF miles?

    I was advised this morning by KF agent (there was a memo) that AI is upgrading their system and they are not allowed to make any AI flight bookings, including commercial bookings. They could see award availability with AI but just can't book it. Apparently, this is the case since March this...
  3. mmchow

    (Possibly targeted) Qantas International DSC May 2019 promo [Book by 22/5/19, travel by 9/5/20]

    Received the Plat offer too but reading the DSC T&Cs, would the below exclude the DSC offer when one use the Plat offer? Or are they referring to the Status Credit offer? For example, if you qualify and register for a 50% more Status Credits offer and a double Status Credits offer on the same...
  4. mmchow

    Turkish Banquet with FTU SYD 17 Nov 2018 7:30pm

    Thanks Yvonne for organising this. Booked and looking forward to seeing you and other fellow AFFers there.
  5. mmchow

    To the top of Alaska (with a few other places along the way)

    A little too late but joining in for the ride. The pictures, especially the lakes were amazing. I will hunt that view down in September.
  6. mmchow

    KUL Golden Lounge (Satellite) closed until March 2018 for renovations

    Wouldn’t be surprise why people are heading over to the business lounge for food when compared to the spread offered on the other side. Then again, F lounge do have a sit down dining area and the menu includes everything on offer in the business lounge
  7. mmchow

    Using VA points to fly EY in J

    EY F on A380 is an experience on its own. As per bwhouse, you can't go wrong with any of the seats. If window is your preference, 3A/K or 4A/K would be your pick. I had seat 3A and I find it perfectly fine. Enjoy...
  8. mmchow

    US and Canada in winter - Ice Pilots NWT Yellowknife geek

    Have truly enjoyed the last few trip reports so following on with interest. Loving your travel style :)
  9. mmchow

    The totally off-topic thread

    Made cauliflower rice a few weeks ago. I cooked them on a frying pan with onion and sprinkle some toasted almonds over it. A little salt and pepper of course.
  10. mmchow

    BNE Saturday 14th April 2018 Dinner

    Looking at flights and accommodation at the moment. Very likely to attend the FTU and the dinner if that's the case.
  11. mmchow

    Free Mega Giveaway II

    Thanks @Danger. Parcel got dropped off my desk this morning.
  12. mmchow

    Interesting pricing [Award sale - book 'til 28/2, travel 15/3/18 to 9/1/19]

    Indeed a nice find but can’t seem to work that in with my schedule, hence didn’t dive right in. Thanks for sharing though @Mattg ;)
  13. mmchow

    Using bathroom amenities from a previous trip on the current trip

    I’d say you are not alone on this. They are my go to pack when I travel for work. At one point, I ran out of storage spaces so I stop collecting them for a while. I restarted this exercise after reading about donating to shelters in another thread and any excess now goes to them.
  14. mmchow

    Free Mega Giveaway II

    Found hunt item #101 - SQ and NZ Requesting item #60 please. Thanks
  15. mmchow

    Free Mega Giveaway II

    Found hunt item #8 while going through my IPhone photos. Someone also requested for item #25 so i’ll ask for #26 please. Thanks. Edit: didn’t realise Aeolus and Sludge321 requested for the same item so i’ll go for item #49.
  16. mmchow

    Free Mega Giveaway II

    You might want to recheck you photo again QF WP. You details are still visible on the pass.
  17. mmchow

    AFF Gathering #12 in ADL on 19 - 21 October 2018

    I will have to if he says no :p Mummy won't say no me think if meeting you lots :D
  18. mmchow

    AFF Gathering #12 in ADL on 19 - 21 October 2018

    Trying to convince the other half to join me in my first AFF annual gathering. This could be fun.
  19. mmchow

    Free Mega Giveaway II

    Thanks Danger. Indeed from St Regis Osaka. Hoping the bathroom tile on this one will match the one with the shower. Zoom in the bathrobe (near the pocket) and you’ll see St Regis logo :p
  20. mmchow

    Free Mega Giveaway II

    Item 10 if still available. #61 Had a photo of St Regis bathroom with multiple heads. Hope that count.