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    Why I hidden city ticket

    On a number of occasions I've used the controversial practice of "hidden city ticketing". There is only one reason to do this and it is saving big wads of cash. To highlight an example - I want to take a one way J fare from a major US city to a well known South American city using one of the...
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    Pyjamas - "exhibitionists looking for attention," There's been some pretty lively commentary here on AFF around the pros and cons of wearing pyjamas on a plane, personally I'm all for it. Don't know where the...
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    Travel insurance - F/J flights

    In the next 12 months I've got a few F/J flights coming up and looking though the terms and conditions on a couple of policies it appeared that in the event of say a missed connection or illness all of them replaced the lost flights with economy. Does anyone here have a recommendation for a TI...
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    KF account closed

    A few days ago I went to book 2 seperate SQ J flights to Asia on the SQ website and decided to log onto my KF account only to discover that it has been closed by KF due to inactivity. Admittedly, the account was mostly used to transfer Velocity points for SQ redemptions but these flights were...
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    Drunk guy steals a plane

    Apparently it was a stunt but there’s some crazy manoeuvres.
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    Jetstar 787 suffers engine problem in Japan Sounds like the pilots did a fine job bringing the bird down safely
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    Where is my child? Severe storms on the east coast of Australia has resulted in a Virgin Australia flight from SYD - BNE being diverted to Melbourne...
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    LIS to HKG on CX First ~ AUD $2080

    TP/BA and CX First: Portugal to Hong Kong €1338 one way - Page 2 - FlyerTalk Forums Won't be there for long Edit: forgot to mention this is a one way deal
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    Cheaper PER-MEL

    For the last couple of weeks I've been meaning to book a PER-MEL one way flight for 23/12/14 to get me home in time for Xmas. Being the lazy sod I am I've allowed the price to creep up to todays $545 for the redeye flight that is the one i need to catch. That's outrageous, even for Xmas, though...
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    Is this a good use of 175K points

    Over time i've managed to acquire 175K points with QF but as many of my flights are QF charter flights I have very few SC, only 100. That is likely to change in the new year so I should accrue around 500SC/year through work alone and I'd like to use an upcoming leisure trip to kick that along a...
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    Which FF program ? - 1st post

    Ok, so I've been lurking here long enough, time to join the action :) Presently I hold Qantas and Velocity FF memberships, bottom rung for both sadly. As I'm now flying a lot for work that should change shortly, however I am looking at a few business class trips in the next few months and...