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    SQ Tips, Trips and Tales

    Yes, I've seen that often with random searches but have never taken it further as I assume saver is not available but perhaps, if the date is important, a phone call would be worthwhile
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    Qantas Red Planet

    Grape survey 150 points. Great little survey on wine. What type, why and where do you purchase and average pricing. They asked my favourite wine / KRUG of course but they didn't ask if I brought it😉
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    Qantas Red Planet

    Project Improvements about renovating houses 150 points for 15 minutes. As we are going to do a reno next year I thought this is good but the catch / you have to watch a 27 minute youtube video which you can't fast forward so no thanks
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    Question Book a QFF tix to Arcata (ACV)

    Have you tried Multi-city?
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    Scams like these

    Got one yesterday that I've never had before / Amazon asking me to open the DOCX and update my account details. Interestingly I've never been near Amazon and it was to my private email where I'll usually get 1 scam a week (Paypal or bank) unlike my business where we delete 10 to 20 a day.
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    How does Accor treat you as an Elite guest?

    Property: Sofitel Melbourne on Collins Status: Silver dropped back this year 300 points short / bummer Room booked: Luxury room Club Sofitel Room Upgrade: Yes 49th floor bay view / told of upgrade from 45th floor city view because of previous stays not...
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    Tried and true favourite recipes

    Finally found it. A loose page of grans cook book down behind the microwave. MUSTARD SAUCE for corned beef. 1/2 cup vinegar 1/2 cup of cooking liquor 1 tablespoon Keens Mustard powder 1 egg 3 dessertspoons sugar Whisk all ingredients while heating slowly on side of stove. Do not allow to...
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    Qantas Red Planet

    I've been in this since the beginning and have massed 21,130 points. Who has the best score?
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    Qantas Red Planet

    Destination Tracker, a relatively easy 300 points about business banking. I started a 200 pointer late last night and quickly got sick of it so I did the monkey picks to get kicked out for 15 point. Dam it took about 15 questions before the kicked me out so won't do that again.
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    Qantas Red Planet

    Well that has just cleaned me out. Had 6 on my list. Selected the first , Discount Tracker, got booted out so only 15 points & all the rest have closed. So there goes my lazy morning. May as well go & do some work.
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    Qantas Red Planet

    Anyone get Dom Tracker C 50+ mins & 600 points? Don't know what it was about as it is no longer in my list but I did receive the initial invitation & 5 reminders so they were obviously having trouble getting their numbers
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    Answered Rarotonga 6 night stay

    Great Mattg the dinner sounds good. We did something similar in Fiji where we were taken to a village for lunch and an afternoon explore. Having done a little search juddles villas look fine so I think +1 will lower her sights and she will look at 3 star. Are the small cars cheap to hire for the...
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    Answered Rarotonga 6 night stay

    Thanks juddles. will look that one up, travelling with +1. Last time I hired a scooter was in Thailand. Couldn't work out why it didn't turn well. When I lent in she lent out so we'll get a car this time.
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    Answered Rarotonga 6 night stay

    Anyone been there recently? I am taking advantage of the KrisFlyer special for Syd - Rar 12.5K points as I have 23K points expiring soon so off on a Friday & back on the Thursday (can't redeem for the return so have to pay but reasonable for direct flight). Will stay on Rarotonga, snorkel, see...
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    TomCat's new digs!

    Where do you get them? Are they a Bunnings thing? I haven't seen them before & could actually use them around some rose beds.
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    Answered What happens if your don't pay you Amex charge card by due date?

    I use to do the same thing. Statement date the 16th always paid by the next 14th even though I noticed the due date had moved to around the 31st. Got a curtesy email advising that I now needed to pay by the due date otherwise I could be charged a late fee. Now all set to pay on the 28th. I would...
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    Worse than feet on bulkheads

    I remember reading in a journal or maybe a mag, regarding safe sex, that you are ten times more likely to ingest harmful bacteria if you suck on someones toe rather than their finger.
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    TomCat's new digs!

    But it only leaks when it rains & then it's to wet to fix it. In our old shack, before we bulldozed it, on a full moon you could see the rays come through the ceiling.
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    Do we have a "I'm going to release a great award seat thread" and should we?

    I gave a heads up to a couple of QF F rewards to Singapore that I had to cancel about 3 weeks out a few years age & got a thank you from someone that nabbed then the same day so, yes, I think it's a good idea.
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    What I ate today - the food thread

    Forget the green stuff. Just give me the shank.