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    On the Quest to see pingüinos

    For the record the champagne onboard seabourn is very nice...and I didn't just drink one bottle, i sampled many to make sure the first wasn't a fluke 😂
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    YVR -LAX transit question

    I always recommend at least 3 hours at LAX (usually err on the side of caution and go for longer) especially when transitting off a separate ticket as AA won't through check your bags to QF. The only difference travel class will make is to your check in time and how long it takes to get through...
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    On the Quest to see pingüinos

    Thanks for your kind words VPS, was a pleasure helping you organise it, so glad you trusted me enough to go with that option, I knew you'd love it!
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    Hyatt Prive'

    The majority of Virtuoso partner properties confirm upgrades on arrival, some do confirm at time of booking (Crown Towers for instance) but they're the exception not the rule. The biggest point of difference between Virtuoso and Prive (of which the latter only has 10 agency members currently in...
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    What Does Everyone Do Here ??

    I'm the CEO of my own Luxury Travel Company and also have a couple of other business interests in Health Solutions and Personal Development.
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    Uber let-downs

    I've used Uber all over the world primarily in Australia, US and Europe. For the most part I've always had fantastic experiences, the only time I've rated a driver 3 stars or below was when I hopped into an UberX in Scottsdale that was full of smoke residue and a driver playing techno music. I...
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    VA1 cancelled on 7th August 2014?

    There was a trade release put out on Wednesday: Virgin Australia Sydney-Los Angeles (VA1 & VA2) Flight Cancellations Due to unscheduled maintenance requirements, Virgin Australia has needed to cancel two flights between Sydney and Los Angeles and change the departure time of four flights...
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    Constant Priority Luggage Issues, Decay Of The VA Experience

    I'm WP and I'm at a 90-95% success rate with Priority Bags TG
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    Help: Singapore Airlines - easiest way to upgrade to business?? (willing to pay)

    Not sure where you booked it but if it's through an agent it's fairly simple, they'll just calculate the fare difference between the J fare and what you paid, plus any tax difference and the SQ reissue fee and they can sort it out. No need to cancel and rebook, that'll only leave you more out...
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    Round The World Ticket

    Booking Y+ RTW fares tend to be ridiculously over-priced, I know from booking QF/OW that their fares are only sold in Y/J/F and so you have to book Y and pay upgrade amounts to Y+ on whichever sectors you require, but from experience quoting this for corporate clients it's often worked out...
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    pre-existing illness?

    If it's a single trip policy, yes you'd likely have to re-apply each time you take out a policy but if you travel frequently, you're going to get better value for money with an annual policy where you'll only have to apply once a year. TG
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    Should VA have a membership status for FF's above platinum?

    Rather than introducing a level above WP what I'd rather see if VA improve the service and value offer given to WP's because aside from Row 3 there's very little benefit in WP over SG. Sure you can make mention of the 4 FOC upgrades but really, for OOL-SYD/MEL-ADL I'm not going to buy a Flexi...
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    Bose headphones sale at DJs

    Ive got QC15's and love them but after test driving a set of QC20's on a domestic trip last week I'm going to pick up a pair to use on shorter trips and for sleeping onboard where the 15's aren't practical. TG
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    Can a return flight be before the departure date

    Most definitely can't do it, if you tried to QF would require you to utilise the $$ you paid for the existing fare as a credit towards whatever the ex. AU fare is quoting at the time plus an airline reissue fee. If you're going to be traveling there more than once (or regularly) you can always...
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    Famous people seen flying Virgin

    I had Seal and is entourage on a VA flight last year MEL-OOL; only time in 2+ years I've not got my 3C/D as they moved me to row 5 to accommodate his entourage. He was in 1A but spent most of the time in Y chatting with his guys, signing autographs and posing for pics...nice guy. TG
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    SQ infant fare

    I don't make up the rules I just working within their boundaries. And who ever said anything the airlines do makes sense? TG
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    SQ infant fare

    The infant fare itself is 10%, the taxes are not and often can be 15-25% of the adult taxes. TG
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    Ripped off by Alpha Flight Guru

    Aussie Flyer is right, they're not a travel agent and given how they obtain the heavily discounted tickets its hard to have any sympathy for you. Surely "up to 70% off" sounded some kind of alarm bells in your head before you used them? As for your question, no it's not possible for an agent...
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    Intercontinental Sydney

    They're a Virtuoso partner hotel so when booking on a Virtuoso rate it comes with Club Lounge upgrade FOC as well as upgrade and amenities FOC. TG