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  1. Denali

    The Village People told me to Go Westtttt to Lake Mungo but whats in between?

    First the song, so you will have it in your head for the rest of the day :) "" Hubby told me hes always wanted to go to Lake Mungo, which was news to me, so thats what Im planning and May has a lunar eclipse so figured why not because, "(Go west) Life is peaceful there, (Go west) in the open...
  2. Denali

    Gift Gold status for 1yr offer?

    Hi and did anyone else receive this? cheers,
  3. Denali

    Whats your booking killer?

    Like most, looking to go somewhere local to have a break and theres no Hilton or Novotel nearby so looking at B&Bs, AirBnB, rentals ect and my instant, close the window, do not save, dont bother looking at the pics is if I see Queen bed. I dont mind paying more for nice but a queen bed is an...
  4. Denali

    What did you buy that's not living its best life right now?

    What did you buy for your trip (that you should be currently on, should be packing for) thats now sitting in the corner or cupboard unused and sad? Bag, clothing, camera or Bellroy? Mine was new luggage. Ive tried them all, hard case, soft case, split bag, 4 wheel, 2 wheel, cargo and duffle...
  5. Denali

    Jobkeeper/Jobseeker and Other Government COVID-19 Responses

    Jobkeeper FYI Link:
  6. Denali

    The C word, R U OK?

    Yes, another thread but this one is about you. Are you OK? Im feeling burnt out already. Yesterday I was saying to my husband, as we were being stupid and dancing around the living room to 70s music, that at this stage I would welcome a two week lock down/work from home and just be silly...
  7. Denali

    Free 2 x Soccer Matildas v Vietnam Fri 6th March Newcastle game

    If anyone in Newcastle wants to venture out to a sporting event tomorrow night, I have 2 x tickets for the Matildas v Vietnam game. Advertised as a Tokyo Qualifier
  8. Denali

    Ukraine International Airlines PS752 crashes in Iran [confirmed shot down] A Boeing 737 belonging to Ukraine International Airlines has crashed due to technical problems after take-off from...
  9. Denali

    Terrible advice youve been given?

    Either friend or foe, professional or DYKWIAs? I spent multiple calls and 1+hr on the phone with Air NZ today trying to buy a comfort seat (no J cabin, row of 3, row 9, hubby still trying to deal with this-I blame AFFer for ruining him). First call to Air NZ and the advise was to just purchase...
  10. Denali

    Novotel Christchurch opening Nov 2019?

    Hi and wondering its worth taking a risk and booking a Dec 2019 stay? (VA triple point promo). cheers,
  11. Denali

    Can someone check my SCs math please

    Hi and many thanks for reading, just need to double check my workings and ask if someone can please confirm/advise on the below. SYD>MEL>CHC Business Saver flights and I think my SC earn will be: SYD>MEL (456 miles) = 50 SC based on VA below link MEL>CHC (1504 miles) = 80 SC CHC>BNE>SYD...
  12. Denali

    Anyone been to a game park near Victoria Falls?

    Anyone been to a game park near Victoria Falls? Plan was Vic Falls for 2 nights then Kruger for 6, Cape Town/Cage diving for 3 or 4 nights and then Hhuhluwe game park (near Durban) for a couple of nights (might meet up with a friend) but seems to be rushing a lot into 3 weeks. Skip Victoria...
  13. Denali

    $129 VA voucher free to good home

    Hi and I have a $129 VA voucher that must be redeemed by June 17th 2019. I will need your email address to forward the voucher number to you - its not name specific/any person can redeem with the voucher number. If theres more than one hand up for this, I will put all names in a hat and draw a...
  14. Denali

    I need some inspiration for a trip next year, any suggestions?

    I need some inspiration, any suggestions? Yangon Bali (scuba trip) Zurich Johannesburg Hawaii
  15. Denali

    Iceland was calling, aka This is not Africa....

    Hello! We arrived yesterday so I'll be updating this as I go but there'll be more pics than words (as this done on my phone) but here I go.... AFFer has taught me many things and one is to be flexible with my connections so when I started looking for routes to Africa but ended up in...
  16. Denali

    What to do with Icelandair points earn?

    Hi and wondering if anyone has advise on what to do with the points earn for our Icelandair flights? Even if I can put them to a program and then donate them would be better than them expiring as I doubt we will fly them again anytime soon. thanks,
  17. Denali

    Amsterdam Accomodation and other Questions

    What to book? JUNIOR SUITE, RIVER VIEW. 36sqmtrs or ARCHIVE SUITE, 33sqmtrs Archive suite has separate bedroom and is $30 more per night but smaller in size. And Im breaking a AFFer rule - no FF points earn if I go with this hotel but at this point, Im over freaking Amsterdam accom.
  18. Denali

    SYD curbside checkin for Y

    Hi and wondering how long this has been happening at Sydney? (only noticed as driver dropoff had traffic) Thanks.
  19. Denali

    Testing Double zip compression bags.

    Part 1 as Im limited in posting photos. A few months ago a kickstarter popped up on my screen and as we're heading to Iceland in a few months, meaning lots of polartec and a couple of jackets, I thought I would give it a chance. I ordered a couple of extra large bags so approx total price was...
  20. Denali

    VA approves new seating for children with disabilities

    Virgin Australia - Approval I was amazed to hear from Virgin Australia, who responded to my post and took it one step further and invited to fly myself and my family to their head office to discuss seating options ..... Virgin Australia for their approval of seating devices for infants and...