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    APEC Travel Card Renewal - When does Stage 2 rules start?

    Anybody know if Stage 2 rules for renewal are implemented yet? If not, does anyone know when? The only info on the immi website was that they would be implemented in the coming months after November 2011.
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    eco MasterCard by GE Money

    Everyone is going green! I wondered how long it would be until a card like this was launched. Basically you can feel good by GE buying carbon credits based on how much you spend on the card. GE Money eco MasterCard Do you think people will go for it? Or are we all too greedy trying to get as...
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    Anybody get waiver of annual fee for second year on Qantas AMEX?

    Like many of us, I signed up for the Qantas AMEX Premium Card to get the bonus frequent flyer points with no annual fee for first year. Didn't actually use it much, and the year is up and I don't fancy paying $195 annual fee to keep it. Called them and got routed to an Indian call centre girl...
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    Why fly International QF Y if there is JQ Y?

    Just recently did my second trip with Jetstar from MEL to BKK in Economy. The savings in dollars and time (since it is direct) compared to Qantas far outweighs any extras Qantas offers. Seating is the same pitch and I prefer the leather on Jetstar. Food is about the same. Renting the Video...
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    QFF - Easy to Earn, but So Hard to Use!

    I did it again. Earned enough points to fly somewhere in Asia. Feels good, until you try and find an award flight. Looking into next year there are many months with absolutely no Business Class award seats. It is so frustrating! After last year's nightmare to redeem, I vowed not to bother with...
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    Combining Award Ticket with Paid Ticket

    Hi Everyone, Appreciate your advice. I live in MEL and want to get to BKK. I plan to redeem 60,000 points for SYD-BKK (Business) and to pay for the MEL-SYD flight. I thought it made more sense to get a cheap Red-E-Deal than use 12,000 more points for the extra MEL-SYD flight and I don't mind...