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    Wines from the USA

    Hi All Just a general question. I very rarely see any wines from the USA available for sale in Australia. Does anybody know of a retailer that does have a good selection? If not does anyone know why we don’t get many to choose from here? Is it just too expensive to import or is there a general...
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    Anyone used the Coravin Model 3?

    I do not have a coravin yet but am going to buy either a model 2 or a model 3. I know the model 3 is only new but before I bit the bullet and ordered one was curious if anyone had used one or could compare it to the Model 2. Thanks
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    Is it possible to add an extra leg to a velocity redemption?

    Situation is I have a bne-lax flight booked. I would like to add a delta connection lax to phx. The connecting redemption flight is available but I’m just not sure if VA allows you to add a flight. I could not do it online and the first agent I spoke to had no idea if it was possible. Any advice...
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    Can anyone recommend where to sell high end wine (Domaine de la Romanee-Conti)?

    I know there are a few auction options but I have never actually sold any wine before and was hoping to get some advice on who is best to use. Thanks
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    AMEX platinum Accor plus reinstated

    I was reading the most recent amex platinum card details. Annual fee has increased but looks like they have brought back Accor plus membership (for primary card holder) and increased annual travel credit to $450 The Platinum Card
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    The centurion lounge las vegas

    I was unaware this existed until today. Was walking by and thought I would ask if a lowly platinum charge holder could get in. Answer was yes with 2 guests completely free. Wow what a huge step up over every USA domestic lounge I have been in. Hot food buffet, full drinks bar with an excellent...
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    ANA trip report 787 business class Tokyo to seattle.....finally

    Just a brief history before I get into this I was supposed to fly this route last year but the grounding of the 787 fleet prevented it. Ended up flying the 777-300ER to SFO instead which was one of the most enjoyable flights I have had. So it should be good to compare the two. I am writing the...
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    Schedule change leads to 40 min connection. Advice?

    Hi all. Hoping for some advice. Time being of the essence with the impending merger. I have an award trip booked 6 months ago for travel this June. On my return leg I am flying nh801 which connected to sq255. Originally this allowed for a 1:10 minute transfer at changi. Nh801 now has been...
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    Amex Platinum Card 50,000 bonus points

    Has anybody else seen this offer? The platinum charge card is already excellent value IMHO but this puts it over the top. 50,000 points as a sign up bonus. If I was not already a member I would jump at it. Hope it helps others. T & C "This offer is only available if you apply via this online...
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    Receiving ACLUB Platinum Benefits

    Hi All I was recently comped ACLUB Platinum status. Just wanted to ask of other peoples experiences in receiving the stated Platinum benefits when staying at Sofitel Hotels. Most importantly do you routinely receive "- Room upgrade at check-in (depending on availability and upon request)" and...
  11. Y 20GBP off any booking

    I had a look through the posts on the board and it appears no one here has picked up on this excellent opportunity. Expedia UK is offering 20 pounds off most bookings for as little as a one night stay. Catch is you have to be a new expedia UK member. A friend of mine sent me the code and it...
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    V Australia Booking Code Prem Econ

    Hi All I was looking at flight loads on V Australia on seat counter. Does anyone know what booking codes Premium Economy falls into? I have a feeling W is one of them but am not positive. Any help is appreciated
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    AFF Qantas Club Membership

    Just a quick question regarding the AFF Qantas club membership. Is the membership fee paid directly to Qantas or to AFF? The reason I ask is that I have a few hundred dollars worth of Qantas Travel Gift vouchers, which can be used to purchase Qantas club membership.It would be great to be able...
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    What is the largest single spend on your CC

    I'm sure this has been covered before but I was curious. What is the largest single spend you have been able to put through your credit card (Earning points of course) without having to pay any fees like an AMEX surcharge
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    My First DONE4 in the planning

    Hi All First up I just want to say this has to be the most useful website I have come across in a long time!!! I am planning a round the world holiday for next year. From what I have read on these boards it looks like the DONE4 fair would suit me perfectly in terms of where I want to go and get...