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    Sapporo Snow Festival

    Unfortunately I won't be there this year, though I won't miss the cold. Anyone else been? Here are some photos of the event. Cheers, Japanese Snow Festival's ice surprise |
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    Private Messages

    I've just deleted all my private messages (PM) in my inbox, as it said I only have capacity for 10. If anyone has sent a PM lately - my apologies; none received. I appreciate the forum and capacity to send messages but please, isn't 10 a little stingy? Or is it purposedly small to encourge...
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    What's your ride?

    I don't mind the sky; prefer the road though. Took delivery of a spanking brand new yellow Hummer today. Better half has a Benz. What's your ride?
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    Peninsula Bangkok & Beijing

    Hi all, Blacknox2B and I will be staying at the Peninsula in BKK for 3-4 nights in late September or early October, and after plan to stay at the Penn PEK for 3-4 nights to visit the great wall etc. Any hotel specific ideas/ recommendations? I know BKK and surrounds pretty well, though would...
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    Cathay Business ex. Japan

    Further to some recent posts about value fares ex. Japan and the continueing strength of the $Aus vrs yen, here is a decent business fare ex. cough or NRT via HKG to DPS (Bali) for Aus$1350 and $1450 respectively ++. Cathay Holidays Japan - Homepage .
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    50,000 miles & lifetime status?

    Now JAL has officially joined oneworld, I'm wondering if their JAL Global Club (JGC) will become attractive to Australian residents? From my understanding, it is similar to the ANA SuperFlyers Card, without the qualifying restrictions. That is, fly 50,000 miles this year (or less - see JAL...
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    OT: Useful Aussie Savings Account?

    It's been years since I've lived in Oz and wondering if any savings account is handier than others (search function didn't ruck much up :oops: ). I won't be travelling much this year so O/S withdrawals aren't a priority (though I presume most accounts are maestro/ cirrus enabled). Just...
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    Australia Airpass ex. LOTFAP.

    Hopefully this can help some of our US based AFF members. From Special Offer from Qantas Vacations: $999 -- Australia "Airpass" incl. 3 Bonus Flights *  U.S. to Australia Travel dates: April 1-June 30, 2006 Top 20 deal - sells out quickly!The Qantas "Aussie AirPass"...
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    Importing Live Animals into Oz.

    I've got 2 cats (Momo & Taro) and am familiar with all the importation requirements (Import certificate, microchips etc etc). Anyone any experience or comments (and no, not the smuggling budgie kind :lol: )? And what part of the aircraft do they travel in :?: I presume it's not the main...
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    Flyertalk is hiring a Blogger

    To any aspiring travel writers: Flyertalk is looking for someone to be their blogmaster. This is a paid position, contract based and a pilot program. Go to and look at the sticky if interested.
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    Moving back to Australia.

    As many of you know, I'm heading back to Australia soon to resume studies. That will entail packing up my 3 bedroom apartment worth of stuff and shipping it back home. I've had a look at the Govt. website Emigrating/moving to Australia @...
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    Kiwi Flyer, the sly dog has ...

    Kiwi Flyer, our esteemed trans-tasman colleague (and sly dog :P ) has started a travel blog :!: I don't visit FT much and only noticed his tagline noting the blog's existence today :oops: . I'm looking forward to reading some great stories Kiwi Flyer - Good luck :D . The blog can be...
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    QF profits down

    Qantas profit down on fuel From: The Australian,10166,18165594-462,00.html Qantas Airways has reported a first half net profit of $352.6 million, which was lower than the $390.2 million profit it made from the same period last year. Qantas...
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    Virgin bosses seek pay rise

    Virgin bosses seek pay rise from: The Australian,10166,18012514-462,00.html By Steve Creedy 02-02-2006 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIRGIN Blue's directors will next week seek a 33 per cent...
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    Eva Air to suspend SYD-TPE vv

    Got a mail this morning from BR stating they (EVA Air) will suspend the route Taipei to Sydney v.v. from Mar. 26, 2006. If you're holding a ticket for after this date, you should contact the BR office.
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    The Captain's Choice Tour.

    From:,9142,17908146-38339,00.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IT'S THURSDAY, so it must be Mauritius. That's because it was Nairobi on Tuesday, then the wondrous game parks of Kenya's Masai Mara –...
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    Yo! Give us a Room!

    Got this in my mail this morning: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This summer, the YO! group plans to launch a 40 room hotel at Heathrow and a 50 room hotel at Gatwick. A central London hotel will be launched in 2007 - followed by a...
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    Aeroplane crashes in NT.

    Aeroplane crashes in NT From:,10117,17871631-2,00.html   "A LIGHT aircraft has crashed near Borroloola in the Northern Territory. A police spokeswoman said it was unclear how many people were aboard the aircraft and if there were any survivors. The...
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    Some advice from Randy and Tim.

    from: Below is a free chapter from Randy and Tim's new book (Mileage Pro, The Insider's Guide To Frequent Flyer Programs). It's American biased, though still worth the read IMHO. There's a link at the bottom if you're interested in...
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    OT - Another Bad Man goes Honest.

    Totally Totally Totally OT but I'm now engaged :D. Have added buying an engagement ring/ wedding bands, planning engagement and wedding parties in two countries, getting married & honeymoon preparations to my already impossible list of things to do before 31/03/06 (including winding things up...