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    Changes to your $450 Qantas Travel Credit Extension

    Just got an email indicating changes to the $450 Qantas Travel Credit on the AMEX Ultimate Also allows for multiple charges up to $450.
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    Using QFF points for BA flights within Europe

    Hi, I (and the better half) have a trip planned for Europe in June, and to get around there would seem to be some good options to use QFF points for flights within the EU but they are obviously with BA. Was just wondering if anyone has any recent experience using QFF points for BA flights. Is BA...
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    TripIt Online Itinerary Planner

    Hi, Was browsing looking for templates to make my own itinerary for an upcoming trip and came across this site TripIt | Organize your travel which allows you to make an online itinerary for flights, hotels, car rentals. I must admit it is one of the most exciting web sites I have seen in a...
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    ANZ FF VISA Platinum card

    Hi, I have just been offered a Platinum card as a free upgrade from my Gold card. Is this a new card? I have not come across it before. For more details It still has the limitations with regards to earning FF points associated with the Classic/Gold card...