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    Trans Tasman J post COVID

    Looking at booking AKL MEL and return at some state, there aren't any Qantas A330s that still have recliners in J are there?
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    US Government bans flights of Mainland China based airlines from June 16th

    In light of the changes in HK, thoughts on whether this will affect CX. Hope not!
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    QANTAS Hotels $30 Voucher

    Hi all, Another voucher, expires 2.00pm NZ time 2 Dec 19, PM me.
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    Emirates turbulence AKL-DXB

    Just saw article re turbulence on Emirates flight from AKL to DBX a few days ago. They thought it lasted half an hour which seems incredible. Does anyone have any more information on this incident?
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    QF call back hangs up when I answer

    HI, left a call back with QF to change a OneWorld Award booking, the system called me back but, after the initial identification hung up. Has anyone else had this issue and how can I fix it? I'm based in NZ, left an NZ mobile number and use an iPhone 8. TIA.
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    QF Hotel Voucher Free to a Good Home

    Hi, Have a $30 voucher if it's of use to anyone, PM me. Cheers
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    Bag transfer LGA to JFK

    Hi, Been lucky to grab a J *1 award for my better 1/2s 60th in Sep this year. We are flying DCA to LGA then JFK to LAX, SYD and AKL. I'm hopeful the bags will be checked in at DCA then picked up in AKL and in particular be transferred from LGA to JFK so we can have most of the day in NY...
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    Could airlines spy on us through in-flight entertainment systems?

    Article from NZ Herald Could airlines spy on us through in-flight entertainment systems? Does anyone know if these systems are used by any airline or government? /(tin foil hat)/
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    CX Premium Economy award codes

    Hi, Setting up alerts on EF but they don't show which are awards and which are revenue classes. PE has E, R and W, does anyone know which is the award bucket? Thanks for any help. Cheers, CM
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    Cathay site not working for reward flights?

    Hi, trying to check award availability on CX flights but site keeps giving an error message. Anyone else having any luck or any problems with the CX site for award flights?
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    Updating or amending Oneworld Award bookings

    Hi, I'm working through my first 280k Oneworld Award booking and frustrated with the need to keep trying to contact the call centre, esp as a PS, so just added a Quick Poll question: "Should Qantas allow multi-city award bookings to be updated on the website, eg to add or remove flights and...
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    No entertainment A332 AKL-SYD today

    Hi, Received this message from QF this morning for an award flight in J Has anyone else received this? No compensation offered, thoughts? cheers
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    Another Dubai fiasco [PAX deported after trying to enter with expired passport]

    Does anyone know any more about this, courtesy NZ Herald Mum and daughter locked up in Dubai jail for three days for having wine on flight On an EK flight from London to Dubai no less! If true and not a beat up would appear that 90% of adult passengers are at risk when flying into DXB.
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    QF J Award on Emirates - Chauffeur Drive available?

    Hi Travelling AKL-MEL in J in Mar 18 on EKL407 as a QF award, does anyone know if Chauffeir Drive is available in MEL? TIA for any advice. cheers
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    Interesting article re the 747

    Interesting article re the Queen of the Skies The slow death of the jumbo jet – where are they all now? Seems BA has the most still flying passengers!
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    Virgin ancillary revenue on the rise?

    Interesting article in the SMH John Thomas helped save the US airline industry. Can he steady Virgin Australia?. Maybe VA is about to become a LCC lite?
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    Is Emirates running out of sky?

    Interesting post on FT
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    China Southern emergency landing at AKL

    China Southern plane lands safely after emergency at Auckland International - National - NZ Herald News Landed safely.
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    Old App - tapatalk plugin is not activated in your forum

    Just started getting this message on my iPad and iPhone. Is anyone else getting this message? Does it mean the old app is no longer working? if you're not getting it, any idea what's causing it? cheers
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    OLCI Emirates codeshare

    Any thoughts on how to OLCI on Emirates codeshares? I'm traveling akl - Mel later today and it's not working either on QF or EKs site using the QF PNR. Also seat selection isn't sticking.