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    Fulfilling my First Class Dream

    For those who I'm not connected with on Facebook I thought you may or may not be interested in a short TR I published on my fanpage along with a handful of photos after my recent experience flying 1A on the A380 from SYD-LAX. I know...
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    'MASSIVE' Qantas Sale

    Just a heads up, just received word that Qantas is launching a 'MASSIVE' (their word not mine) domestic and international sale at midnight tonight (sale valid 12-17 May 2012). I don't have any further info than that. Happy Travels! TG
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    FFP Upgrade Advice

    Although I know alot about travel and airfares after almost a decade in the industry, I'm always willing to humble myself and turn it over to someone with more knowledge on a subject and this is one of them. I've got a client who is SG, wants to book 2x economy tickets for his kids (who I...
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    QF 744 Config BNE-LAX

    Does anyone know what the internal config is on the 744 operating BNE-LAX currently? I know they were operating a 4 class 744 as a 3 class service with soft upgrades for status FF'ers, is that still the case? Looking to book to fly to LA in Y+ but trying to decide whether to fly BNE-LAX on the...
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    TAXES...when is enough, enough?

    Just had an interesting email letting me know Malaysia Airlines are adding in a new YR tax which is an administration fee. When queried as to what it was administering, a colleague was told 'it's a cost of doing business tax/surcharge'. So I guess the airlines now think that it's okay not only...
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    If Airlines Sold Paint...

    I'm not sure if this is old or new, but just came across it and thought some of you might get a laugh out of it... If Airlines sold paint - Customer: Hi. How much is your paint? Clerk: Well sir, that depends on a lot of things. Customer: Can't you give mean approximate price? Clerk: Our...
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    Air Australia (Strategic) (underwriters removing insolvency coverage from consumers)

    Not sure how much to read into this, but just got an email from Covermore Insurance advising that their underwriters have (after careful consideration :?:) decided to remove Travel Insolvency coverage for Air Australia flights. Struck me as interesting as its the first time I've seen a...
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    VA Domestic De-boarding procedure

    I've noticed the last couple of flights I've taken that VA have started having a crew member stand between PE or J and Economy during deboarding much in the same way it happens on most international flights. While I don't mind it on Intl flight whether I'm flying J or Y, sitting in Row 3C as I...
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    Qantas Companion Business Class Special

    Hey guys, Just a heads up, QF are releasing a Business Class Companion fare for sale from tomorrow morning with a ticketing deadline of 17 August. Looks like there's fares through to most destinations. Europe seasonality is 1 Oct 2011 - 31 March 2012 (haven't checked all the fare sheets, they...
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    Qantas "Customer Service" Skills

    Thankfully I switched all my flying to Virgin Australia a couple of months back (and loving it!), but flying back from Sydney today after spending the weekend with my Dad, I simply had to share his experience with QF's "Customer Service"....I knew some of you would relate. Conversation with QF...
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    VA Melbourne Lounge & Flight Report

    I thought since the lounge only opened on Monday (23 May) I'd write a short trip report on that and some thoughts on my flight on a separate thread to the VA New Lounge thread. I have to say I'm really impressed with this lounge, while the food really isn't all that more enticing than the...
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    Qantas Business Class Companion Special - Europe

    Just got this off the email notification now, and thought a few of you SC chasers might find it of interest. Europe Business Class Companion Fare from $5167 plus taxes per person Fly April-September, DM me if you want the rest of the rules TG
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    Earn 10,000 bonus QF Frequent Flyer Pts with QF Hols

    Just saw this one come in, thought some of you may be interested... Qantas Holidays is offering an additional 10,000 Frequent Flyerpoints with every air and land holiday to the US booked by October 27. Travel must be on Qantas Airways or Jetstar travelling between February 1 and March 31.
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    Qantas Club Increase Effective Immediately

    Just got this through from QF: With immediate effect, there has been a slight increase in rates for Qantas Club renewals and new memberships. There is no change to the join fee. On average, the price rise equates to around 8% (or around $30 per annum), and is the first published increase...
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    Cheap LH Special - Valid for Sale 13/14 Mar only

    Hey guys, Just saw this come through and thought it might interest some of you who fly on the dark side (*A) LH are having a special valid only until Sunday through to Frankfurt and other cities in Germany, and valid for travel 22 March-31 December 2010 for $1098 + taxes. ** This is not a...
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    Air NZ J Special

    I know most of you are OW loyal, but for those of you who are on the dark side (just kidding) with *A, Air NZ just released a pretty good J Class fare of $6619 inc taxes (ex. BNE/SYD/MEL/OOL) with slightly higher fares on offer ex ADL/CNS/PER for travel 9 May-30 Nov. 2010 and on sale to 31 March...
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    Another TA Story

    Not sure if anyone caught this story online at Fairfax Travel about Travel Agents, but interesting to see what a more well rounded article on TA's looks like instead of the dribble a certain News Ltd. "journalist" recently published. It's interesting reading through some of the comments, it...
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    HKG & NZ Fare increases on QF

    Just got this through... Hong Kong, New Zealand fare increases for Qantas Qantas has just announced fare increases on flights to Hong Kong and New Zealand, with new levels applying for sales in Australia for tickets issued on or after 28 Jan. For Hong Kong, First Class fares will increase...
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    Qantas International Fare Increase

    Just got this through.... Qantas has announced fare increases on selected International routes. The new fare levels will apply for ticket issued on/after 18 December 2009. The fare increases apply to published and retail net fares as follows; First cabin fares will increase...
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    KLM unveils Economy Comfort Zone (but insists its still a 2 class airline)

    Thought this may have been of interest despite not being OW... KLM unveils Economy Comfort Zone - Business Traveller TG