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    Completing form 1359 for international arrival and departure history

    I went down this journey a few years ago. The results captured my foreign passports and then the Australian passports when I became a citizen. Sort of interesting. I seem to remember it also noted the flight numbers as well. Ooh Roo Willie
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    CBR winter get together in front of the fire, and a VIP - 24 July 2019

    This may be my first ever FF engagement. Seriously wanting to attend. I am on SYD/BXG (WOW) 25 July for a crazy weekend... So keen!
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    Qantas's weak international network

    And then if I cast my mind way back to the late '60s... I am pretty certain that this was a journey on a QF V-Jet 707. LHR-FCO-TEH-DEL-HKG-MNL-BNE-SYD OOh Roo Willie
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    Qantas's weak international network

    I remember flying on a Qantas B767 YYZ-HNL... I must have been the early 90s. OOh Roo Willie
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    Answered Express Path outbound passes - does airline matter?

    I went through MEL international last week and there isn't an express queue for the immigration machines... golly it was a bit of a zoo too! You could use the pass at the security check queue but in all honesty there wasn't any benefit as there were security check stations everywhere with...
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    Double Status Credits on QF Operated Flights. Book 9/8/18-14/8/18 for travel 21/8/18 to 8/8/19

    Flights 25/12 immediate standard points DSC arrived 31/12 Flights 31/12 standard points in account before the flights had finished! Give me them a few days for the DSC. Ooh Roo Willie
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    QF/Oneworld baggage tag consistency

    Similar story here. SYD - F check in always J tags even when flying A380/747/A330 HKG - Downtown & airport check in, always F tags no matter what aircraft CX - F tags all the time going anywhere :) Ooh Roo Willie
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    CBP manual processing

    This happened to me 100% of the time leaving and arriving MEL/SYD/BNE for the last three years. Similarly not getting any explanation from anyone at any of the authorities I took the border guard's suggestion to bypass the electronic gates and go directly to the assistance desks. This works very...
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    Velocity and Hawaiian Airlines

    As much as I love organising travel, you can’t help but love a good travel agent who generally can get earning fares and classes sorted out with minimum fuss. I’ve reverted to an agent for my last few trips and happily fly as QF WP. All the same, good outcome for you!!! :) Ooh roo Willie
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    Qantas Singapore Lounge Catering Quality [Enhanced!]

    I've never been a fan of the SIN lounge. It is very large, the food has always been a bit dodgy to me.. the slopped up buffet goo and salads very pedestrian. I've also always wondered why the bathrooms have been so poorly managed as well. The refurbed BA lounge is great and never crowded...
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    First* Class with an Asterisk [*Lesser treatment when not WP..]

    OMG - the same menu to North America as it was on QF 1 SYD/DBX 26 August 2016 last week... Crikey... who would have thought??? :)
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    Cathay Business class seats

    The irritating thing with CX J middle seats is that there may only be one meal service trolley that travels down the left side of the cabin first serving the A & D seats and then up the right side of the cabin serving G & K seats so you don't end up eating at the same time as your travelling...
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    MR Statement and Rewards Inaccessible

    The webpage drives me insane.... You are signed in on the Amex page and have to sign in again for the rewards page and you get that stupid message... "We are unable to complete this request at the present time" Infuriating Ooh ROo Willie
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    QF and EK re-Signing their deal?

    Re: QF and EK resigning their deal? Hello, I remember flying this QF route on a B707 VJet... as a young frequent flyer in the late 60s....and I kid you not... I have the QF Junior Vjet Club book as my stupid interest in flying! LHR, FCO, TEH (honestly), DEL, HKG, MNL, DRW, BNE, SYD and then...
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    QF Hotels - Technical Error - Happy Ending

    I have my VJet club also since 1966... I filled all the pages years and years ago... And then FF started! I guess I was way ahead of my time! :) Ooh Roo Willie
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    Complimentary Travel Insurance on Credit Cards

    Re: Complimentary Travel Insurance on Credit Cards - which card is better? I never rely on CC insurance.. Too many 'enhancements' that frighten me. I buy an annual multi trip for Peace of Mind... never had any issues just prefer never to rely on something that can be interpreted as vague...
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    Shinjuku Hotel 2 adults + 2 children

    Have a look at Shinjuku Granbell Hotel... quirky area, quirky hotel with fabulous roof top and a crazy amount of different room combinations! kabukicho?SHINJUKU GRANBELL HOTEL Close to transport. OOh ROo Willie
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    I'll do whatever it takes to avoid Emirates Economy on the 773.

    NZ have the same 3-4-3 Y layout on their refurbed 772 and 773! It can be very challenging.... challenging enough never to fly Y with them again! :) Ooh Roo Willie
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    Purchasing XRY - OPO Return for someone else when I am in Australia

    Purchasing tickets XRY - OPO return for someone else when I am in Australia -Hi All, I am based in Aus and wanting to purchase XRY-OPO return flights for a gift for a family member. Considered driving - no go, train - convoluted, bus unmentionable! I was about to purchase on
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    Reccomendations for breakfast in Sydney CBD?

    I just saw this... a Japanese take on breakfast at The Star - Sokyo - pretty ok joint Ooh Roo Willie