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    Tripit, Tripcase, Kayak..... which itinerary app?

    I use a combination of apps: TripIt Pro to manage upcoming itineraries (flights, accommodation, car rental, etc.), get notified of changes and cancellations, and see all activities in my calendar CheckMyTrip (by Amadeus) to confirm that my reservations have been ticketed Flightradar24 in the...
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    Flight Credits & Double Status Credits

    Thanks for opting in to convert your flight booking or Flight Credit to a Qantas TravelPass with our double Status Credits offer. Once your Qantas TravelPass has been issued, we’ll email you with all the information you need about how to use it. Please allow up to three weeks to receive...
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    Flight Credits & Double Status Credits

    Best thing to do is to call Qantas and ask them to convert your booking to a Travel Pass with double status credits. The Travel Pass takes about 2-3 weeks to be issued by email and locks you into Qantas (i.e. you waive your right to a refund). There is a cooling off period of 48 hours in case...
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    When can I check in luggage?

    I’ve had no issues checking bags in early at the service desk in CBR.
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    The definitive thread on QF IT gripes.

    On the status activity screen on the website, I see the sentence You've earned X Status Credits towards attaining Platinum One. However, on the status tab of the iOS app, the same sentence appears, but the value of X is about 300 SCs lower. I'm not sure if it's just my account but it's been...
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    QF9 turnback 8/9/18

    I was booked on QF10 from LHR-MEL this week. About 3 weeks ago I noticed the PER-MEL sector had changed to a 737 and I was downgraded from PE to Y. A call to Qantas was very helpful and I was rebooked via SIN. I’m not sure if this is correct but the agent said the aircraft change was due to the...
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    P1 complimentary lounge invitation - access MEL First roadside entry

    Does anyone know if a P1 complimentary lounge pass, assigned to a flight ex the MEL First lounge, allows entry through the roadside First entry? Or would a lounge pass holder need to go through the main terminal entry at T2? Travelling in J and below WP so otherwise not eligible for the First...
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    Double Status Credits (book by 5/2/18, fly 12/2/18 to 20/1/19)

    Hi all, long time reader and infrequent poster. I'd like to explore a few of the issues here from the lens of a typical business analyst. If we assume that: The purpose of this promotion is to incentivise early bookings to improve financial (e.g. income) and operational (e.g. flight...
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    Changing to earlier flights on non-flexible tickets

    I have QP Silver, but because she didn't even look at her monitor, and she may not have noticed my silver bag tags, it's possible that she didn't know about my [lack of] status.
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    Changing to earlier flights on non-flexible tickets

    I actually disagree with that. I could have easily been put on an earlier SYD-MEL domestic flight when transiting through the new transfer facility. I gave the agent my bag and asked if it was possible to catch the earlier flight, and she told me (in a very friendly way) that they weren't...
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    Need 80 SCs, thinking of flying MEL-TSV

    That's not bad! Well, I'm based in MEL and I was planning on spending a day or two in TSV or CNS. I've got some any-seat points to burn, but I'm willing to spend the money if it's not too expensive.
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    Need 80 SCs, thinking of flying MEL-TSV

    I would like to get 80 SCs on a flight to either Townsville or Cairns at some stage in December (I'm flexible with dates), and I'd like to know which routes I can take to get there the cheapest. I know that flying via BNE would only earn 30 SCs each way, but I'm not too sure about other...
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    QFF Ideas & Suggestions

    One things needs to be brought back: Lifetime Qantas Club membership! It was discontinued about 6 months before my 18th birthday, and I was very disappointed. If that can't be done, a 24 hour promotional period (such as the recent waived joining fee) should allow FF members to join as lifetime...