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    BOSE 3 Prong ?? Business Class QANTAS

    Maybe the domestic planes are different, but I was recently on QF8 in economy and accidentally sat on the adaptor while it was plugged in. That pretty much snapped the metal pin. So I just used the plug on the headphone and I could only get sound on one side for the rest of the journey.
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    Merry Xmas you dirty animals, Jetstar does it again

    Jetstar Adds New Flight Avoids Ruining Travellers'... | Jetstar Adds New Flight Avoids Ruining Travellers'... |
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    iMessage on iPhone with multiple SIMs

    Currently, I've iMessage set up with 1 phone number and 2 email addresses and with the phone number being default. When I swap to use another SIM card in another country, will iMessage automatically change to the new number? The new number will have data allowance. In other words, will...
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    Rats! Qantas in dispute over chewed wiring

    The article got quite comical towards the end though... [/FONT][/COLOR]
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    F Lounge Pass/Invite

    Syd f.....
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    F Lounge Pass/Invite

    I'll be travelling with my folks in Dec, but my WP status can only get 1 of them in. (Content moderated) I'm also watching the Lounge Meet thread, nothing yet though. Alternatively, do you think the lounge dragon will let me through with both of them? I don't want to entertain eBay just yet...
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    Qantas / Emirates tie up (Partnership inc. Codeshare, Status)

    All this meat talk isn't the best thing to read first thing in the morning... Now I want a bacon and egg roll... Mmmm... Bacon... Oops, bacon is pork... On a slightly more serious note, if you don't like DXB as a transit point to Europe, there are still plenty of options, HKG, BKK, NRT, PVG...
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    Reduced Earn on Domestic NZ flights ~Effective 14 September 2012, Saver – Discount Economy fare classes (F, R, X, U and A) will be ineligible for Points earn when travelling on domestic connections within New Zealand on Virgin Australia...
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    Should airlines put gate numbers on boarding passes?

    Isn't the issue more about the design and usability of the boarding pass? They should look at not having data is can be mistaken so close to each other. The situation can be made worse if the printer is slightly off and the fields don't match up to the values. Given the sequence number is...
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    Targeted Survey (1500 points) - Hilton Visa Card

    Got a targeted survey worth 1500 points if you qualify and complete it. It's about a Hilton Visa card. I thought they always have a co-branded card and the Premium Club (or something that many AFFers use)? Anyway, these are the benefits that are floated in the survey. The cost suggested is...
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    Questions/Advice on OW xONE RTW fare in Y

    If your friend is in Perth, would starting in South Africa be any better? I know you can save significantly if going business class, but I'm not sure about economy... If you do start elsewhere, you need to get all 4 people to that starting point, even if the savings are there, it's just a lot...
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    Qantas sale fare for May - Buy Now?

    How old are the kids and does the price include taxes and surcharges? Unless the kids are very young, <$5k is very cheap.
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    I don't know what rego my flight was, and I wouldn't have thought ex-PER would make a difference...?
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    I was given a (comprehensive) wine list on the new A330 at breakfast time. But at dinner time on an ex-EK bird, there was no wine list.
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    Virgin Australia A330 pulled from MEL-SYD daily?

    Recently did SYD-PER and return on the A330 (both in J). The outbound was on the newer seats, and the return was on the older ex-EK seats. There's a big difference in experience, IMHO. If you're going SYD-MEL, i.e., a 1-hour 'taster' flight, I wouldn't bother if it's an ex-EK aircraft. It...
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    Which airlines do Air Pacific interline with in the US?

    Trying some options to fly to the US during peak season, which airlines do Air Pacific interline with, particularly in the US?
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    "Bonus Confirmed Complimentary Upgrade"?

    Just book through Velocity, they can book and upgrade at the same time. I did that this morning.
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    Access to Virgin International Lounge in Sydney

    Virgin doesn't have their own lounge at SYD International. They use the NZ lounge. If your colleagues gain access through Velocity status, they can bring you in. Virgin's guest policy doesn't seem to say the guest must travel on the same flight as the member (unless it's buried in the T&C's...
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    VIP tier is now official

    Looks generic to me. I see the same thing regardless of whether I'm logged in or not.
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    "Bonus Confirmed Complimentary Upgrade"?

    I'm sure VA will have that stats, but as a straw poll, how many of us actually used our initial quota? I've only used 2 out of 4, and that was deliberate for the AFF Do. My domestic travel has dropped to nothing this year. I'm still 1 or 2 sectors short of re-qualifying though, so I may need...