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  1. tuapekastar

    Car Hire - unexpected charge

  2. tuapekastar

    Air NZ ex-Australia sale

    Some pretty good fares on NZ ex-Australia, in all classes, to destinations including the Americas and NZ. Sale ends Fri 8th January. Check it out here.
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    T1 Changi - travelators?

    A while since I used T1. I'm guessing there are travelators to/from the gates? Just cannot recall for sure, and if not I will consider arranging assistance for my old mum. I doubt she will need it, but if there are travelators then should not be an issue. TIA.
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    Bit of a look around a BA A380

    Article and a few short videos. BBC - Future - Up close and personal with the Airbus A380
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    Trip to BKK/SIN

    A couple of questions for the panel: 1. MH apparently now uses the 'Louis Tavern' at BKK, after having previously used the TG lounge. I have heard some not-so-great reports re the LT. Should the QF lounge be open at the right time for me (1105 departure - and it looks like it probably will...
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    Airside connection to JQ in BKK?

    I have been searching for a (positive) answer to this, but info received seems to indicate that it is not possible - even an online 'chat' with JQ was unable to provide a definite answer one way or the other - (and Plan B is ready to go). Posting here in case anyone has had a positive...
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    Bangkok Hilton Accommodation

    Hey folk, am thinking of around 5 or 6 days in BKK in a few months time. Preference is for Hilton Group accommodation. We appear to have 5 choices. 2 x Hilton, 2 x Conrad (hotel/residences) and 1 x Doubletree. I haven't been to Bangkok for 25 years, and only had 3 x overnights there in...
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    Aircraft Boneyards

    Interesting article from the BBC website. BBC - Future - The secrets of the desert aircraft ?boneyards?
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    JQ sale fares (not)!

    Just received an unwanted reminder on how JQ treat 'sale' fares in their faux business class. Looking at MEL-BKK, found a business sale fare of $549. Great. Of course, I want SCs with that...and discover the bundle costs $450, instead of the ~$200 it costs when the base fare is around the 8...
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    Hire car companies charge for fictitious damages

    From The Age: Hire car companies charge for fictitious damage: consumers Interesting how Europcar is mentioned multiple times, especially after the mentions it has had here on AFF. Just reinforces my decision not to consider them.
  11. tuapekastar

    Drinks/Dinner Perth this Sunday 16/11

    Myself and the Bundy Bear are planning a couple of drinks/dinner in or very near Perth CBD this Sunday 16/11. Informal and not late (kick off around 5 or 6 PM). Exact time and venue TBD. If anyone cares to join us please sing out.
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    QF domestic points upgrades

    It has been some years since I upgraded domestically on QF. Back then all that was required to guarantee the upgrade was to see if there were classic business awards (U fare bucket) available on the flight you wanted. If there were you booked/paid for the Y ticket, then immediately requested the...
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    Rendezvous Hotel Perth gets refurb

    Rendezvous Hotel Perth gets refurb | WA Today I've stayed here a couple of times - a decent alternative if you don't have to be in the CBD.
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    Random recalls from SE Asia trip

    Not exactly a TR, but some random memories from my recent trip to SE Asia. Apologies if the 'formatting' or lack thereof looks dreadful. Another trip to the SYD F lounge reinforces to me that while it is very good the MEL one is better. Food and ambiance shines in MEL, though the maitre d'...
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    Pre-paid SIM (incl. data) for SIN

    Doubtless been asked before, but these things are very fluid. :) Travelling to SIN next week, staying for about a week, have an overnight in HKG on the way back. Wondering what the best option for a SIN SIM would be (HKG optional, think I can last 24 hours without, unless there is a SIM...
  16. tuapekastar

    VA T3 security at PER frustration

    I hate this security check - I have no trouble anywhere else but at least twice have been mucked around here. This time my compact umbrella which travels pretty much everywhere with me, both domestic and international in my carry on. A problem anywhere else? Nope. Not VA at other ports, not QF...
  17. tuapekastar

    Does SQ give express cards at MEL?

    As per the title, do they do this (outbound and/or inbound) at MEL, and if so, to whom? Would J pax get one? I'm guessing they don't do it at SIN because it's so bloody efficient. Thanks
  18. tuapekastar

    Questions re VA Fly Ahead

    Never used this before and may wish to this weekend. I note in the T&Cs it says this: (c) there are available seats in the same fare class or a lower fare class, than the fare class originally purchased by the Member, on the eligible Fly Ahead flight; Does fare class refer to a) fare bucket...
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    Email from QF staff member

    Never had this before. Got an email today from a QF staff member (so showed in inbox as from 'John Smith', whose email address was [email protected]) offering to change my MEL-SYD-SIN JASA next year to a non-stop MEL-SIN flight (whether it remained a JASA was not specified). Not...
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    Booking a mASA and U class availability

    Going to (hopefully) book my first JASA (international in this case) since they went offline and was wondering: Does U class availability automatically indicate the availability of a decently priced 'marginal' ASA? Or not? Or just maybe? Or is it not known? Also, when they first went offline...