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    Public Holidays In NZ are things open or is everything shut.

    Retail and hospitality generally open, banks shut except Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. Most shut those days but some eateries usually open.
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    NZ Dinner AKL Saturday 12 June 2021 [was 10th]

    I've had a couple of meals there. Agree not cheap but not as bad as some others that aren't anywhere near as good. glad you enjoyed it.
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    NZ Dinner AKL Saturday 12 June 2021 [was 10th]

    Good choice, enjoy 😊
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    Trans Tasman J post COVID

    Thanks for the warning
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    Trans Tasman J post COVID

    Thank you, might just have to take the risk 😲
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    Trans Tasman J post COVID

    Looking at booking AKL MEL and return at some state, there aren't any Qantas A330s that still have recliners in J are there?
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    Gone for me for now
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    And mine
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    Ads are back iPhone 12
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    Still there
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    $987,999,999 for extra leg room

    The IT newbies at it again 😲
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    A380 Production Sadness

    Were the A330 and A340 engines the same?
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    New Zealand Travel Bubble Announcement

    Unlike the govt 🙁
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    My brother-in-law sued Emirates

    Good to hear this outcome, bullying behaviour should not be rewarded. Do you know who the firm was that was acting for Emirates? It would be useful to know so we can avoid using them.
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    Predictions of when international flights may resume/bans lifted

    And NZ ones too. 3 community cases announced today all one family and it's panic panic panic. 1613270010 We'd better stop that then hadn't we!
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    A bit of humour

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    You know you are a frequent flyer when ...

    DNF is Martuba in Libya. Don't see me there in the foreseeable future!