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    AMEX to SPG

    Hi all, Given 1. AMEX to SPG until the end of this month is 1000 == 600 instead of 330. 2. AMEX Reward Maximiser will convert to $1 == 1.25 points with 100k cap instead of $1 == 1.5 points with no cap in April 2009. I have 190k AMEX points. Question Should I convert the points to SPG...
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    Using FF Mel-HKG return

    The FF gods have smiled upon me and I have managed to made a booking for 2 MEL-SYD-HKG-MEL in U in September :D. Quick questions: What equipment operates on QF127 and QF30? Do you still get the amenities pack for day flights? Would it be too much to ask for the PJ's? :oops: I am very happy...
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    LONE4 Allowance

    Hi all, I know that it is 2 pieces. It says so on the ticket. Posts on this forum says so. But I cant find it on oneworld - Home or any of the rules I know. Anyone have any rules that specify this? thanks
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    Has BA changed its stripes?

    Often we hear on the various forums about remembering your QF card when you will be visiting the BA lounges due to the dragons. It was with this in mind that I told Mrs VT that she may not get into the BA lounges once she become an AA Candy Theif. Surprise Surprise An email this morning...
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    Online Itinery Tool

    Recently my friend told me of an online tool in which you enter all your travel info. This tool then extended it to having RSS feeds, SMS updating and a friends network to tell you who's in your current area. Anyone have any ideas?
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    QFF on BA9/BA10

    According to the Qantas earn table: I need to get into coughet on the 4/5/6 so if I book an o/n class, I get full FF earn?
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    Dubai Visa Requirements

    According to this, Australia and NZ passport holders no longer require to purchase a visa. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - VISAS FOR AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT HOLDERS Good news for all? Or stale information?
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    Whats wrong with AA India call centre?

    Just tried to book 2 LONE4's for some friends through India. Wen through routing...the operator will call back with RELOC once she has done the booking. Apart from being a bit of careful with langauge, there was no issue. They may not know very well the xONEx flight rules, but very helpful...
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    xONEx AA RTW ticketing in AUD?

    Having spent time going through the routing process with the folks at the AA RTW desk, a quick question on the implications of ticketing currency. The AA RTW Desk agent asked if I would like the ticket to be rated in AUD. Is there a difference if rated in USD versus AUD? I am lead to...
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    LONE4 starting from SWP hitting and SAM is LONE5?

    Hi all, This is my itinery: MEL-LAX-LIM,LPB-SCL-EZE,GIG-JFK-LHR-DXB-LHR-IST-LHR-HKG-PEK-HKG-KUL-HKG-PER-ADL-MEL,SYD-BME-SYD MEL-LAX-LIM and GIG-JFK-LHR is transit. AA are saying this is a LONE5 instead of a LONE4 as I start from SWP and travel in SAM. There basis is that the xONEx tickets...
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    Round the World Planner

    Quick question. I have been selecting flights for an impending LONE5 with the ONEWORLD "Round the World Trip Planner". Looking at flight QF3593 LHR-OSL, but this flight has a comment "international online connection / stop-over traffic only". I will be staing in Oslo for a few days. In...
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    Free Ambassador BOGO to a good home

    I have a BOGO certificate expiring end of March. I am offering it free to the first person to PM me. Please make sure you understand the terms and conditions and I take no responsibiilty if wrongly used. This is a Free Second night certificate at any Intercontinental Hotel for Ambassador or...
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    Delta Platinum LAX to MEL

    I have a friend who would like to come to Melbourne for a month at the end of October. Having looked through some options, I cannot find a convenient option for him to uses his status. I am stoked as Delta is part of Skyteam :confused: Anyone with more of a clue than I?
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    Number of results returned

    HI all, Trying to find flights on ExpertFlyer from MEL to SGN. I know there are flights with MH, but unless I place the MH into the search query, I cannot return MH flights. Does ExpertFlyer only retrieve 1 page of flights? I'm on the premium subscription.
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    How do you actually book flights?

    Hi all, I am trying to book the following itinery for 2. MEL-SGN-HKG-MEL. I have found some good fares at BestFlights. I am wondering how I actually book the flights I want? How do I book different carriers? Seems the various online websites only allow point to point and return...
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    Ambassador or Other Hotel Program

    Given that there is really not much choice in hotels in Australia...which hotel frequent stay program would be recommended based in Australia. For myself, based in Melbourne, I travel to Sydney and Canberra frequently. Given SPG, Marriott and Hilton do not have hotels in Canberra, the...
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    Amex Rewards Maximiser - declined

    Looks like I will be declined the card, as I just got off the phone with my boss. The reason? We are not listed in the White or Yellow Pages!!!!! Hope this isnt correct, but they grilled my boss about this aspect! I'll report back when I get more details.
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    SC earn on LAN

    Hi all, Just been looking at SYD-SCl flight. With QF321, you would earn, 45SCs, but what number of SCs would you get if the flight number was LA800? Given that LAN does not have discounted economy, would you get full SC earn with the LA800 flight number? Thanks for your help.
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    LONE5 Advice

    First be gentle. Currently QF Silver having been comped Gold last year and not flying much nowadays. Projected travel would not realy make much of a dint in the QF status front. I have geared all my point earnings to Qantas and as such have had many overseas trips curtesy of...