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    Where is the aircraft for QF84 coming from?

    Hi everyone Hope you’re all well. I was about to make a booking for the QF84 from SIN to SYD on 06 Feb 19. However, I noticed that there is no corresponding flight from SYD-SIN that would form this flight. I don’t know if it would make sense for them to ferry an aircraft to SIN just for this...
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    Lost earphones onboard - who do I contact?

    Hi guys Happy new year! I unfortunately started 2017 off by losing my pair of earphones onboard MH123 arriving into Sydney on 01 January. Staff on the MAB hotline have advised me to contact Sydney Airport's Lost and Found, but the airport's Lost and Found hotline seems to refer me back to the...
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    Free 2x Cathay Inflight Sales Shopping Coupon (HK$50 with spend of HK$500)

    Hi guys I have two Cathay inflight sales shopping coupons to give away of HK$50 in value with a spend of HK$500. If interested, please drop me a PM. Thanks! Cheers, wenglock.
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    QFF Award Allocation for MH vs BAEC

    Hi guys I hope you're all well. Just a quick question -- do the award allocations differ between BAEC and QFF for MH flights? The reason I'm asking is because I rang up QFF to ask for a quote on taxes for a classic award on MH and they said they couldn't see any at all in their system whereas...
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    Dragonair (KA) interline with LAN (LA)

    Hi guys Here's the situation - I've got two QF bookings with the following itinerary: ET#1: KA437/QF128 KHH-HKG-SYD ET#2: QF321 SYD-AKL QF321 is actually LA800 operated by LAN. I've rung QF up and the very lovely res lady has actually put on-carriage notes into both bookings so it's...
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    Changes to Book Now Pay Later

    Hi everyone I'm probably asking a stupid question here but when we make a Book Now Pay Later booking and foot the $25 deposit, what happens if we want to make a flight change later before the ticketing deadline? So say the total fare is $320. We've paid $25 so the balance is $295. What...
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    Does MH release OW award availability nearer date?

    Hi all I'm trying to redeem a QFF classic award on MH but there seems to be no classic award availability on the flight that I want even though it's showing as completely open (from EF). I was wondering if anyone knew whether MH releases more award seats to OW members closer to the date of the...
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    Which POS do they use to determine availability?

    Hi guys I have a SIN-SYD-SIN ticket at present, booked in T class. The SIN-SYD leg of the ticket has already been flown. I want to change the SYD-SIN leg to SYD-HKG and have been advised by the call centre that it's okay to do so (they'll just combine half of a SIN-SYD and SYD-HKG T class...
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    Flight showing as cancelled in EF but still showing up in PNR

    Hi guys, I was poking around EF to check seat assignments for one of my VA flights this weekend earlier today and saw that EF showed that the flight had been cancelled. Trying to pull up the seatmap returns an error message. It seems right as the flight is no longer listed for sale even on...
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    Seat Allocation for bookings with extra seat

    Hi guys I tried getting a seat allocation over the phone for one of my bookings, for which I purchased an extra seat, as these bookings won't load on the QF website at all using MMB. The staff at the contact centre used to be able to allocate these without any trouble. However, I was just...
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    Status credits to DJ, but miles to SQ - possible?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to credit status miles to DJ but miles to KrisFlyer (SQ)? I have enquired with KrisFlyer who have mentioned that this was possible but that they needed me to check with DJ to find out their process for doing so. The DJ call centre seemed to...
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    SYD-PER A332 downgrade - what happens to passengers in J?

    Hi all, I had a friend on the DJ553 this morning, who was affected by the A330 tech problems in Perth last night and so ended up on a 737. He was travelling in business class so I was under the impression that even with the sub, they were going to keep the business class service (after all...
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    Elusive 59F on QF domestic A332

    Hi guys, I've been trying to select the elusive 59F on my flight QF568 tomorrow (15/5) and it seems that never sticks. 1. When I tried doing it online, it came back with a Generic Error message and basically just caused my seating allocation to disappear. 2. When I rang them at 131 313, the...
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    Qantas K-fare class - any change fees?

    Hey guys, I'm booked on a PER-SIN flight in December that has just got the 763-treatment. I rang up yesterday to check if I could swap to the later A333 flight, only to find out that I had to pay a A$75 change fee despite being on a K-class fare. I was under the impression that K-class...
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    Strange question regarding points upgrade

    Hey guys, I have a rather weird question here - one of my distant cousins is stranded in PER at the moment on a SIN-PER-SYD itinerary (originally on QF72/566). QF72 was late this morning and obviously he missed his connection on QF566 so he's now on QF568 enduring an 8-hour wait at PER...
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    Anzac Day Opening Hours for Byron Bay Store at BNE

    Hello, I had a quick question about the opening hours for the Byron Bay Store at the QF domestic terminal at BNE today (25/4) - is it as per normal or does it only open from 1pm onwards? Thanks guys! Cheers, W.
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    Fare class complications with QF multi-city booking ex-SIN

    Hey guys, I'm a first-time poster here, so I do seek your patience. I am trying to do a multi-city booking with QF ex-SIN with the following routing - 11Apr QF72 SIN-PER 12Apr QF648 PER-MEL <connecting to> 12Apr QF412 MEL-SYD 08Sep QF421 SYD-MEL <connecting to> 08Sep QF777 MEL-PER...