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    South America rewards travel

    Hi All, I am really keen to go skiing in Portillo, Chile for my honeymoon next September. Any tips for booking award fares? It seems to be hit and miss for availability - sometimes I look and there is nothing and then (like this morning) magically there is seats! Does anyone know the release...
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    USA and under 6mths passport validity

    Hi all, Please ease my fears. I am some what confident in my decision but everyone I have mentioned it to thinks I am nuts! I booked a relatively last minute trip to the USA, when going to apply for my ESTA I realised I just hit under 6mths left. Now I am enough of a world traveller to know...
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    Free One QC pass - expiry end of this month (sorry!)

    Hi All, I have one pass that I was hoping to use but didn't. I know its short notice but if someone can use it in the next 13 days I am happy to pop in an express post envelope today. Oz
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    Anyone in the Domestic lounge for the next 3hr?

    My mum has been held in SYD up by a cancellation for 3hrs - you would make me daughter of the year if you could take her in! her flight is 1.55pm... Thanks Oz
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    Earn Rate for Singapore Airline flights

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew the earn rate for a United frequent flyer flying on a Singapore flight? We have been doing a lot of research and came down to a toss of a coin for either Qatar Airways (and earn 25% QF points) or Singapore Airlines of which i am a United member...
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    Platinum - covering skiing

    Hi all, does anyone know if the Travel insurance with your platinum card covers skiing? And if not does Citibank have an option to 'top up' your cover? Thanks in advance!
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    Bankwest Qantas Transaction Account

    Does anyone know when Bankwest assess your balance for crediting you with Qantas Points? I get paid monthly at the end of the month (into a different acct.) But rent comes out mid month. If i get my rent money into the acct by the end of the month is that when Bankwest check your balance...
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    EDR QFF reduced points

    Got a shock the other day when I notice I only got 88pts on my Qantas acct for a fuel fill up. I did some googling and found out they now only offer 2 pts per ltr! :-( When did that change from 4pts per ltr?
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    Upgrading when 2 people booked together

    Hi everyone, I just booked flights to the US I was keen to burn some points by upgrading and went to check it out on It looks like I can only upgrade both of us? This is not something I am keen to do! to be honest even if I didn't get the upgrade I don't really want to sit next to...
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    Advice needed: My version of a points run

    Okay so my points are about to expire... 31st July :-( I may have left this too late. I am going away for the weekend (tomorrow) and I had the brillant idea of hiring a car to keep my points. But now I am wondering if I have left it too late and will have no recourse and will have wasted the...
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    Lounge Access

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had an thoughts and/or advise of what I can do regarding lounge access on an upcoming trip SYD/FRA - Cathay with a 5 hour layover in HKG FRA/SFO - Lufthansa SFO/SYD - United I an a QF flyer but currently no status. I have a united acct - no status there...
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    Regular Ezy Banking - Earn QFF Points

    My mother being annoyed that my Father gets QFF points off their joint Visa decided to join Ezy banking so she could get her own points. Yesterday I asked her a few questions. Apparently she does not have an Ezy Bank MasterCard but just a regular Ezy Bank acct. Her pay is deposited into...
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    Award booking joy and a Question

    I just thought I would share with everyone a trip I just booked for my parents using QFF. The criteria was SYD to Bangkok, anytime between 5th – 26th November (10 wks away) and only for 7days. I started on the website where there wasn’t much choice so I decided to call. Not expecting much, I got...