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    Robbery? [JQ denied travel in paid seat for Infant on Check-in!]

    Just completed a family holiday to Hawaii flew Jetstar, purchased 6 tickets which included one for a 19 month old toddler. This is recommended on Jetstar home page that if traveling overseas it is recommended you purchase a seat for them and not hold them in your lap. Unfortunately Jetstar had...
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    Special Meals on QF local/ international Flights

    Is it me or am I missing something and being to sensitive, as a 18 year veteran of the club , I am a vegetarian but over the last 12 to 18 months I feel that I am treated as a second class citizen on flights. I am wondering if others have the same experience. Once if you had a special meal it...
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    V Australia J class to US

    Note large price differential on J class between Q and V. Any insights and comments on the V cabin and service appreciated.
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    Tricked by Qantas booking engine

    Just tried to book 2x business class tickets to LA on Q web site, engine showed no direct flight but could go via sydney from melb, and same return. clicked on book, did all needed and was charged 384000 points and 700$+ for taxes. I therefore assumed I had a valid ticket. I followed up to...
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    maximum points to SAT from Mel in March

    Am planning trip to San Antonio in March, need to maximise credits, what would be the most economical route to fly in Premium economy? Thanks for all replies Fursten:?:
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    J Class observations

    Have just completed a J class around world trip with One world carriers . QF Mel to LA QF LA-JFK AA JFK-CDG IB CDG-MAD IB MAD-LHR QF LHR-Mel QF Business class seats as expected even entertainment systems worked AA Seats quite good on par with QF Capsule, but entertainment system was like a...
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    Racist Remarks By Qantas Stewardess

    I have just read an article in todays paper that state Qantas are investigating that on a flight from Singapore Racist remarks were made through the flight in the First Class cabin by a member of the crew. This is the first time I have heard something like this, what is happening? Has any one...
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    status points calculation

    Mrs Fursten completed Plat chalenge in March we now are travelling end March D class around world. QF Mel-Lax QF Lax -NY AA NY-CDG IB CDG-MAD IB MAD-TLV MALEV TLV-BUD MALEV BUD-FRA QF FRA-SIN QF SIN -MEL Can someone provide a calculation of miles she will accumulate (she has 30k from first...
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    Any one know if QF still only let you know if you are upgraded on international at check in or have they been doing it earlier? Have a request in from V to J on points to lax, am Club Gold Fursten
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    Seat Counter

    Have just been looking at, my query is when looking at available seats in various classes, I am confused when looking for example a QF flight from Mel which is also listed as a AA codeshare flight, both show seats available as they are not the same number, my question is are the...
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    dilema when to do challenge

    Have QF from MEL-LAX-BNA-MEL booked in V class early march and around world ticket (one world) booked in J class to start in late september. Currently QF Gold with only 140 SC to April . The Dilema is when to start challenge, the V class flight won't bring me up to Gold with QF for this year...
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    one world tickets worldwide

    I am not sure if this has been covered by any other threads but I am trying to acertain whether it is pehaps cheaper to book a oneworld round world ticket in another country, or is the price the same everywhere, If not then where is best ? Sorry if I am going over past territory, fursten
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    Do the AA chalenge or wait

    As a newbie have read with interest the threads on the AA platinum challenge. I am QF gold and have been for a number of years, sometimes I do not always make the required flights but seem to get the gold renewed. My query is I have a flight planned in March in J class to USA and then plan to...