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    747 VH-OJN PlaneTag

    PlaneTags have released a series of tag's made from a Qantas 747. VH-OJN was retired in 2011, so not one of the recent planes, but could still be a good collectable given the uncertainty around the future of the fleet.
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    Free Complimentary lounge invitation - 20 Jan 2020 expiry [Now taken]

    Please private message me if you want this.
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    Domestic 75% / 50% / 25% SC bonus - Targeted Offer

    I think this is targeted but fairly surprised by the bonus amount, don't think I've seen anything other then 1.5x or 2x before. Will they round up for all decimal amounts...
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    Priority Pass - Change to exclude restaurants

    There's been talk on various US sites around the Amex Platinum Priority Pass benefits changing. From 1 August, the Priority Pass membership for Amex Platinum cards issued in USA and Hong Kong will no longer include restaurants...
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    747 - Stick with 1a or change?

    Have a flight to YVR in December, solo traveler. Never been in the nose of a 747, although have flown upper deck multiple times. Given this may be my last flight on the 747, I've selected seat 1A. However as I'm traveling alone, I'm considering changing this to 2A. Want a window seat in the...
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    1x QF lounge invite - EXP 28 May 2019

    Have one general lounge invite expiring next week. PM me if you want it, will update when it's no longer available.
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    Amex Plat Charge - "due" date

    I see some threads from around 8 years ago on this topic, but nothing recent. Thinking of applying for the plat charge card and was wondering if the pay by next statement date rule still applies? Also what's the general time frame provided for the printed due date on each monthly statement? 2 weeks?
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    How to book business on Jetstar site?

    I'm sure there's something I'm missing here, but I can't seem to find the option to search/price flights in business on the Jetstar flight. I select the destination (eg SYD > HNL) and dates, there's no option at the search screen to select class of travel. Then I select the times, and click...
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    Diners club companion card

    As per AusBT - Citibank doubles down with new companion Diners Club credit card More points, no international transaction fees, no news on lounge access yet. Not too sure about the degree of acceptance though. Edit - AusBT have confirmed no lounge access.
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    Qantas F to HKG

    Have been booked on the QF127/QF128 combination for the end of 2018 for a while now. Noticed with a re-timing of the return flight today, that I've lost my F seat selection (booked in J). Took a look at Expertflyer, and it seems that QF have F fare buckets open for these flights now. Was unable...
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    Technical difficulties - Amex Travel?

    Trying to log into the Amex Travel website to redeem travel credit and am getting the following - Please note: Due to technical difficulties, it is temporarily not possible to log in to the American Express Travel site. If you wish to pay with a Travel Credit and/or Membership Rewards Points...
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    Changes to points earn coming

    Received a letter today in regards to the points earn on my American Express Ultimate card. Looks like points earn rates are going back to what they were prior to the 3/2/1/0.5 scheme. Fairly blanket 1.5/$1 from June 2017 except on government bodies. Seems like a positive change to me...
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    Huge price difference - US vs AU sites

    I'm seeing a big price difference when trying to book a domestic F flight on American between the AU and US sites. For example, searching for a New York to Washington DC round trip brings up outbound flights at $293US, or $602.70AU. Even given the current exchange rates, that's more then $200AU...
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    Requested for ID - Entering Domestic Business Lounge

    First for me today - was transiting from INT to DOM at BNE. Presented my boarding pass at the DOM Business Lounge, and was requested to show ID before entry would be granted. Never had this happen during my weekly domestic trips previously. Was a proper boarding pass on cardboard stock as well...
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    Limited seat selection for SG at T-24

    Booked on a domestic flight tomorrow, which was upgraded to Business (U) class using points. As I generally do, I've been monitoring the seat map from T-80 and have found that it has not opened up any additional seats for selection. I can select only the last row of Business, even at T-24...
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    Let Qantas Reward You Bonus

    Received this on the 23rd. I may have forgotten something, but wasn't the promotion double status credits only? Also, the below appears to be credited wrong with both bonus points and bonus status credits giving points. Date Description Base points Cabin bonus Status...
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    Disappointing WP experience at First Counter/Lounge regarding baggage limits

    My mum who has been WP for over 10 years recently booked a flight to Taiwan on the Qantas website. The routing was SYD to HKG on QF and then HKG to TPE on CX. This was all on the one ticket, in Y class. As a WP/OWE recent changes to benefits entitle her to an additional 20kg/1 piece baggage on...
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    Amex PayPal Acceptance

    PayPal appear to be accepting American Express as an option to add as a Credit Card again. Was successfully able to add two Amex cards. Better get in fast in case it gets pulled!
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    Online check in for multiple international segments operated by different carriers?

    Hi All! Will be travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to Sydney on MH then QF in the near future. Was planning on interlining bags and connecting in Singapore. However, I was wondering I should check in for the Qantas leg online? Or will that prevent MH from interlining the bags all the way...