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  1. dragonman

    RTW in the age of a weak dollar.

    I have been buying DONE 4 trips for years now. The weakness of the AUD and the cost of repositioning have me thinking I might have to buy this one out of Australia and let Qantas manage it. Has anyone had experience with QF managing the fare? Do they charge for date changes? Is it worth trying...
  2. dragonman

    QF 127 from December 1

    This flight is served by an A380 for some flights in December. I know from reading AusBT posts that in previous years the first class cabin was unsold and CL and P1 Frequent fliers were often able to book these seats. It seems that this year Qantas is actually selling first class seats. Does...
  3. dragonman

    Time change for QF 73 to San Francisco

    Just noticed that this flight moves to a 7:10 pm departure from the original 9:50 am. I can't recall an evening departure to the USA in the past. No communication to advise of the change. Just stumbled on it looking at Manage My Booking. Is this common knowledge and I should have seen it...
  4. dragonman

    DONE 4 question

    I am aware that these kinds of tickets must be completed within a year. Is it a year from when the booking is made or is the year from when the first trip is taken?
  5. dragonman

    Creating a route map for a DONE4

    In a couple of weeks I'm giving a talk at a conference about flying around the world. I want to create a route map for an upcoming oneworld explorer. Can anyone point me at an app I can use to illustrate the route I want to take. In the ideal world I would love to be able to create some kind...
  6. dragonman

    QF Codeshares on AA

    Is there anywhere I can find a list of American Airlines flights, within the USA or otherwise that codeshare with Qantas?
  7. dragonman

    Ongoing battle to get status credits and points to post. This was in business class.

    Flew LATAM in December. EZE-SCL-IPC-SCL-JFK. Eventually (after mailing pictures of boarding passes) they all post except one. The leg from SCL-IPC. Today I see this on my activity page - UNSUCCESFUL INVALID AIRLINE CODE LA 841 SCL-IPC. Anyone have any ideas on what to do next?
  8. dragonman

    Experience with BA ticketing an XONE fare

    Even though it's much more difficult to ticket round the world flights on American Airlines out of Johannesburg, Johannesburg still remains one of the cheapest points to start an XONE fare. I wonder if anyone has experience with BA. Will they do change of dates at no cost? It's been a luxury...
  9. dragonman

    Jetstar flights to Melbourne from Sysney International Terminal - All gone?

    I searched the forum for information on this and could not find anything. The old flights that used to go seem to no longer exist. Am I missing something?
  10. dragonman

    The flight that was mythically cancelled.

    A little background. Its been a bucket list thing to enjoy Thai Airlines first class. The service provided by TG is unlike anything I have encountered before. Meet and greet on arrival. Whizzed to immigration on a buggy, use the diplomatic channel. Aircraft exit to street 5 minutes. So tonight...
  11. dragonman

    Status booster bonus status credits.

    Got 50% extra SC's on SYD-BKK-SYD. They were listed in my activity statement as status booster bonus status credits. I don't remember signing up for any such thing. Just very grateful to get them. Anyone know the details of this promotion?
  12. dragonman

    Great fares NZ-Australia

    Just received an email 95th birthday fares for $95 one way AKL -> SYD,MEL,BRI - looks good, accessible from the QANTAS nz site.
  13. dragonman

    British Airways AUP

    Paid for upgrades at the airport on BA flights attract the TP's relevant to the upgraded class on the BA frequent flyer system. Has anyone bought one of these? Do they credit with QF to the original or upgraded class? thanks for any help
  14. dragonman

    ExpertFlyer fare disconnect

    I am a paid up subscriber to ExpertFlyer. When I check fares SYD-JFK June 26-July12 I see a range of amazingly cheap fares. When I go to the airline websites I cannot get near the fare that EF quotes. What am I doing wrong?
  15. dragonman

    Qantas New Horizon Sale

    Just glancing through the Qantas New Horizon business class sale fares. Guess the most expensive city to go? Did you say Orlando? $7002 to JFK. $10004 to MCO. That means for a mere $3002 dollars more I get to go to Orlando. I must be missing something.
  16. dragonman

    The interesting sound of silence.

    When the previous government was in power we were assailed continuously about the mistakes of the Rudd/Gillard government. Pushka and Skyring amongst others, as I recall, took great delight in lambasting the government and anyone who sought to defend them. Now we have given Prince Phillip a...
  17. dragonman

    Mileage Monkey

    Am I correct in assuming that the Status Credits info provided by MM is no longer accurate? It still shows LAX-LAS in F as 60 SC's and I am sure that's not correct. Is there a simple alternative?
  18. dragonman

    Anyone with recent experience of India?

    Travelling to India in a few weeks - will only be there for two nights. I have a couple of questions/clarifications. Visa Transit visa should be enough - there for less than three days. Do I have that right? Currency ​I believe that recently the rules changed and you can no longer legally...
  19. dragonman

    TSA Pre-Check for QF Platinum

    Strange thing happened today. Checked in at LAS for a flight to MIA. Get to the boarding pass checker and it beeps 3 times. I think uh-oh its a problem. No it turns out I can use the TSA pre lane. First time its ever happened to me. I am on a Done5 so flying AA 'first'. Did not want to ask a TSA...
  20. dragonman

    Some basic common sense and decency seems to have left the building.

    I have noticed a couple of times both here and on FT a new trend. It goes like this - I will ask a question, often half-formed and incomplete so that giving an accurate answer is nigh impossible. Then I get downright snarky, rude, evasive and ungrateful towards anyone trying to offer...