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    Virgin Australia contact centre too busy / long hold times

    I got through on Monday, then was on hold for 1 hour before getting someone. I got the all lines a busy message but tried again straight after and got in the hold queue.
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Sent in mine and my wife's on Tuesday around 10am and we both received the processing email Sunday around 1:30am. FYI we sent the screenshot of our activity account that had our names and velocity numbers.
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    Qatar Airways status match to Virgin Australia

    Quick question, does having Qatar status get you into Qantas lounges for Qantas domestic flights?
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    Cancelling [VA fare rules & COVID-19 uncertainty]

    With points there is a fee, I had a trip booked via points to Asia and had to pay $60 per person to get my points refunded
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    How many Status Credits will I earn?

    Thanks Lauren M, I couldn't quite figure out which table to use.
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    How many Status Credits will I earn?

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to figure out how many status credits my family will earn on our family holiday. I think I have figured out the return to trip from Adelaide to LA (getaway fare) (via Brisbane their via Melbourne back) should earn me 50 status credits each way...
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    Are you in the 1%?

    Don't think it is, I didn't get the email but my wife did (even though I have flown more than her), went into my account and the Double Points offer was there for me to activate.
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    'The House' 3 hour limit [Now rescinded for VA PAX]

    I read somewhere this is a rule for the other "The House" lounges they operate elsewhere, the only reason I remembered is because we are flying to LA next year and have a 4.5 hour stopover in Brisbane and am hoping the don't have the same rule for "The Lounge".
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    HHonors Gold/Diamond for Velocity Gold/Plat

    I lodged my HH in early January and had it by mid February, must be one of the lucky ones