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    Any transfer bonus since devaluation?

    Any extra transfer bonuses? Apart from the usual QF/VA since devaluation? Cancelled my cards at devaluation. Keen to come back if there has been 'unusual/unique' bonuses? eg Marriott etc
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    Cant find multi leg SQ awards via website?

    Been trying to piece together a PER-SIN-EU trip. Cant seem to price together an award via website. EY flights keep showing up. but if i broke it down by segment it shows up. Do I need to call up or?
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    Citi rewards -> Garuda

    Transferred about a week ago and status on citi rewards says fulfilled. But still no points in my garuda account? Anyone have any data points for time taken?
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    Award redemption on QR

    Cant seem to find much award availability for PER-DOH and return throughout the year. Is there a specific cutoff date before they close award availability?
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    AMEX Hilton Card?

    When will AMEX AUS implement the new Hilton cards? As they have started doing so in USA. Also they have increased the transfer ratio from 1MR to 2HH in USA etc. Right now there is a bonus for AUS 1MR to 1.5HH. Need a booking the points for mid march booking. An extra 50% be great
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    Last minute domestic award space

    Do they release more award space e.g T-4? or closer? Thanks
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    Stay credits on AMEX Travel bookings?

    As most of us have some kind of credit from AMEX travel, if booking a hotel room e.g SPG/MR/HH etc, will these count towards stay/night quota? What bout member benefits? Thanks
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    AA or Alaskan award ?? or alternatives PER-LHR

    Looking at redeeming 2 seats most probably via AA or Alaskan award on CX from PER-HKG-LHR. From my calculations it requires less miles to go via Alaskan than AA. AA also gives the option of using QR to route via DOH. Alaskan CX 30K + 42.5K one way / AA 85K one way Ive looked at SQ...
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    Air NZ biz awards

    How to book air nz biz seats without using their air points? Have kf virgin United miles and can't seem to find seats for per-akl-ppt on biz. Anyway to get the seats?
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    Missing MR Points?

    Logging into my MR account shows 123K MR points. When I go to redeem them, only says 68k available? Anyone else have this problem?
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    Oneworld partner bookings

    Tried calling the call center over 5x the past few days. Havent managed to speak to anyone. Its always been leave a message and we will contact u. Any other ways in contacting the award redemption center? Or do you guys fill out the online form with dates/airlines etc and wait for them to get...
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    How long for AMEX to velocity transfer?

    Initiated a transfer from Amex to velocity on Wednesday evening points not in yet. Does it normally take this long? Was a first time transfer to velocity if it makes a difference.
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    Last minute reward seats?

    Need a biz reward seat on VA552 on Sept 15. What are the chances of them releasing more space? Thanks
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    Card cancelled due to relationship to merchant?

    Anyone had this problem with amex? Had my card cancelled by AMEX this morning as I had "close relationship" with the business. Running stock transactions between businesses owned by separate entities, only racked up about 15K in purchases. I had even prepaid the bill
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    Plat Edge point posting time

    How long does the 3:1 point spend on supermarkets hit? Within a few days of spend? Or at end of month? Secondly, how long is the lag from amex mr -> spg?
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    Value of MR point?

    I am able to 'earn' points at a rate of 1MR : 1.35 cent Is it worth it??
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    Credit card surchage on Bpay payments?

    *RANT* Suppliers accounting department screws up on manual credit card payment and no longer allows manual payment. Wants CC payments thru BPAY. - problem, WBC doesnt give points for BPAY Now need to open a new credit card with a high enough limit to do BPAY and earn points (max cap of 10k...
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    How much do you value your MR points?

    As per title. 1.5c/p ? or more?
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    Hotel points via CC spend - SPG / Hilton / Hyatt

    Which hotel membership program do u guys value most? and how do you earn them via CC? AMEX MR for SPG / Hilton SPG seems much better compared to Hilton as they require less points. Diners club for Hyatt GP What about Marriott ? I rate Hyatt points the most valuable, and SPG a close second...